Debunked: Obama's Reptilian Secret Service Spotted at AIPAC

Mick West

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This video claims that one of Obama's secret service bodyguards was "shape shifting" into a weird humanoid at the 2012 AIPAC conference:

You laugh, and yet there are a few people out there who actually take this kind of thing quite seriously, probably numbering in the low hundreds, but still. A search for things like reptile shapeshifters returns a surprisingly large number of results.

Here's the zoomed in shot:

Taken from here:

It's actually just this guy:

The apparent distortion is just because it's dark, low resolution, on a black background and he's out of focus.

Take the identifiable image, and put it on a black background:

Reduce the resolution, and blur to the same leve as the video, adding some auto-brightening:

See how the face just vanishes where it's dark, and all detail is lost. The ear on the right seems to have weirdly melted into his head. But it's all just to do with lighting, and normal aspects of video.

Perhaps the more obvious debunk of this video though is the fact that he was standing right there, in the front of the audience, in front of thousands of people who could see him perfectly well, and nobody noticed.

The "alien" video/image is taken from just off to the left of this image. The bodyguard would be mostly illuminated by the stage lights, which gives the slight blue tint.

His dark mustache contributes to the confusion slightly, altering the perceived outline of his face around the nose/mouth region.
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you mean the obvious reflection? yes, as he is obviously the same person. im not sure as to what you are asking.
ugg. leave the trolling to tolkien. i am still not sure of your point. just poking fun at them, or do you not get that this is all the same guy?

he is not color blind. it appears slightly green as you said, however the light is clearly blueish white and being altered by his skin tone and camera balance features.