Debunked: "Notice of intent to perform weather modification"

Mick West

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There have been a sudden flurry of posts on conspiracy forums because someone noticed this ad:

NOTICE OF INTENTION WEATHER MODIFICATION PROGRAM THE SANTA BARBARA COUNTY WATER AGENCY HEREBY GIVES NOTICE OF INTENTION TO CONDUCT A WEATHER MODIFICATION PROGRAM NATURE AND PURPOSE: The purpose of the project is to increase rainfall to help alleviate deficiencies of water supplies in Santa Barbara County. Clouds would be seeded by the dispersal of Silver Iodide (AgI). Two possible modes of seeding, air based and ground based, would be used. LOCATION OF PURPOSE: Project operations could be conducted during the period between November 15 and April 15, for each year, 2011-2012 through 2015-2016. Airborne seeding operations would utilize air space over Santa Barbara County, portions of San Luis Obispo County as well as the Pacific Ocean immediately west of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. Ground based seeding operations would be conducted from the Santa Ynez Mountains, the Casmalia Hills and the San Rafael Mountains. The target areas for seeding operations are the watersheds behind Cachuma and Gibraltar reservoirs on the Santa Ynez River as well as Twitchell reservoir on the Cuyama River. LICENSEE: The project would be operated and supervised by a licensed weather modification consultant.

This is assumed to be something new, as they have not seen it before. And as it mentions weather modification it's somehow taken as proof of ongoing geoengineering, and hence the "chemtrail" theory.

The problem is that this is simply cloud seeding. It's nothing new. Local municipalities have been doing it for decades, and quite openly. In fact such notices have also been occurring in newspapers for decades. The theorist have just never noticed them before.

Here's the law in Washington:

(1) Each weather modification operation not specifically exempted by statute or these regulations requires a permit. A separate permit must be issued for each operation.

(2) A license holder desiring to conduct a weather modification operation shall submit an application for a permit to ecology.

(3) The permit applicant must hold a valid weather modification license from the state of Washington.

(4) The applicant shall publish a notice of intention at least once a week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper that has general circulation within the county in which the operation is to be conducted or affected.

Or texas:

Section 301.112. Publication of Notice.

The notice of intention required under Section 301.110 must be published at least once a week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in each county in which the operation is to be conducted.

And here's one from California in 1963

"No person, without first securing a license from the
department, shall cause or attempt to cause condensation
or precipitation of rain, snow, moisture, or water in any
form contained in the atmosphere, or shall prevent or attempt
to prevent by artificial means the natural condensation or
precipitation of rain, snow, moisture, or water in any form
contained in the atmosphere."

On being Issued a license by the department, the licensee
may operate projects in the areas and periods specified in the notices
of Intention to modify natural precipitation by artificial means.
These notices must be published by the licensee in newspapers having
a general circulation and published In each county where the oper-
ation is to be conducted.

And here's an actual example from Colorado in 1965:

And California in 1969,2220508

Sure, it's weather modification. But it's all been going on perfectly openly for over 60 years. Here's Santa Barbra talking about it - since 1948!

As early as 1948, Santa Barbara County has participated in weather modification activities in order to augment local water supplies. Weather conditions are "modified" by seeding clouds - cloud seeding - with condensation nuclei to increase the amount of rain that falls. There are a number of benefits from doing this, which are supported by statistical analysis. The most significant benefit is that in some years up to 20% more rain falls in areas where clouds have been seeded than in control (unseeded) areas. There are three distinct benefits of cloud seeding: infiltration of significant amounts of water into ground water basins; runoff into reservoirs; and irrigation effects on grasslands and crops.

And here's the records of Cloud Seeding in California, back to 1951

With several similar AND subject:"Weather Control"
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How is this at ALL a "debunking"? Seems more like you are just further pointing out the validity of it.

Jay Reynolds

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Yes, I got a ridiculous email from a chemtrail believer last week to the effect that this "proves geoengineering".

During the last 50 years or so that almost all of us have been alive, cloud seeding has been done.

At the same time, mind you, that the chemtrails believers describe endless summer days with never a cloud in the sky, and never a single contrail that lasted more than a few seconds. Skies so blue you could see the stars in broad daylight, well, maye some planets........

So, yes, since the claim is that things have changed, and they point to cloud seeding as a supposedy recent event causing these changes, the facts debunk this simply by showing cloud seeding has been done during a time these short memoried people look back on.

Mick West

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:) You're welcome.

Unfortunate though that they miss the point. Nobody has ever denied weather modification. So that long post simply amounts to, er, nothing.

Ross Marsden

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Yes, I know. I wanted to post the link so that Clare Swinney (of chemtrailsnorthnz) would see a pingback via Wordpress.

For Clare this would be completely on point because she believes that the contrails she sees in the skies above Northland are evidence of weather modification operations being carried out there by Air New Zealand, Korean Air, and other commercial airlines flying between New Zealand and Asia.


The point is A) that the theorists think this is something new, and B) that they think it's geoengineering.

The debunking is to point out that it's being going on openly, with this same ad, since the 1950s, and that it's just cloud seeding, which even the theorists don't consider to be geoengineering or chemtrails.

"The point is A) that the theorists think this is something new, and B) that they think it's geoengineering."

Right, mister 'debunker', 'cloud seeding' IS, in FACT, 'geoengineering'.

Oxford Dictionary definition:noun
" the deliberate large-scale manipulation of an environmental process that affects the earth’s climate, in an attempt to counteract the effects of global warming. " - Of course the political rhetoric bs 'to offset global warming' is a canard.

Cloud seeding IS deliberate manipulation. NOT all of those who are raising awareness claim it's 'new', the point is THAT IT'S HAPPENING NOW and making people sick while killing the food supply.

Your nonsense post and claims it's 'just' 'cloud seeding' is to infer it's no problem. There's a problem, [...]

Mick West

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Cloud Seeding affects the local weather, geoengineering affects the global climate. Big difference. In scope it's like the difference between brushing your hair, and chemotherapy.

Jay Reynolds

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How does cloud seeding kill crops? How does it make folks sick?

Cloud seeding has been licensed and practiced by agriculture for over fifty years. I think that if it killed their crops, farmers would have figured that out and stopped the practice.

Unfortunately, the promoters of the chemtrails hoax have tagged their hoax onto the legitimate open and licensed practice of cloud seeding because there is no evidence for their hoax.

Even though there is no evidence that geoengineering is taking place,yet much evidence that it is not taking place, the same hoax tactic has been done to any study of geoengineering. They were forced into doing so in order to devise a scapegoat upon which their followers could focus ire against. Every good hoax needs a bogeyman, and geoengineering was chosen to be the whipping-boy.

Nevermind that the actual identity of the planes along with their ownership, altitude, departure and destination have always been available to Michael J. Murphy and G. Edward Griffin. They chose instead to misdirect you people long enough to buy a couple of years and sell a few more movies before you found out what happened to you.
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