Debunked: Nobody at Ciancia's Apartment Complex Recognized Him


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Another Bunk via Headline.
What the correspondent actually said.
"We showed Ciancia's picture to several residents in that apartment complex, and they all told us that they did not recognize him"

I would have to categorize this as outright and intentionally deceptive,unless there are only several people living in that apartment complex.

Also worth mentioning is that Ciancia only lived at the apartment complex for 2 weeks so he most likely didn't have a chance become too acquainted with his neighbors, but at least someone apparantley knew who he was.

Now lets take a crack at some of these other claims.

2. CIAnCIA supposedly told police after being shot in the mouth (how is that possible) he “acted alone and was dropped of by someone” – hard enough to believe a man shot in the mouth would be able to talk, but even harder to believe that police would believe him and that even if he could speak he would suddenly cooperate if he hates the “pigs” so much.

The severity of the injury to his mouth is not known, and therefore not known whether it would prevent him from speaking. Even if it would, he can still communicate with pen and paper or even by blinking his eyes.

3. Law enforcement say that “they don’t think the person who dropped CIAnCIA off at the airport knew what he was about to do… But they don’t know who that person is!

Which begs a very obvious question: If law enforcement hasn’t identified the person who allegedly dropped him off, how can they possibly know that that person “didn’t know what CIAnCIA was about to do? After all- they don’t even know who the person was.

The words "think" and "know" are not synonyms, they have different meaning. Just because the police "think the person who dropped of Ciancia was unaware of his plans does not mean that they arent investigating the possibility none the less.

4. At least one person interviewed said the man was dressed “all in blue, just like TSA” but we are told the man was wearing military fatigues.

5. We were told CIAnCIA used a AR-15 (like all these staged shooting events) but eye-witness says he was clearly using a pump-action shotgun, and a hand-gun.. not an AR-15.. even going so far as to say after one gun ran out, he started using the other.
6. People in the terminal adjacent to terminal 3 (terminal 2) didn’t learn there is an emergency in the airport over the loudspeaker intercom system- no- they learn of the emergency by watching television! No siren going off in the airport- no warning to evacuate, people are watching the event on television? What a joke!

They cannot just announce "EMERGENCY!" over the loud speaker and have how ever many people who were at the world's 6th busiest airport that particular morning run out onto the tarmac in a panic. Safe evacuations need to be done in an orderly fashion. The first priorities would be containing the threat and ensuring the safety of those nearest to the attack first, and then figuring out where to put the multitude of displaced patrons.

7. No video footage has been released by any of the at least 100 CCTV cameras surrounding LAX’s traffic approach, or terminal 3.

It's still been less than a week and things like this are often withheld for pending trials etc., and as far as I know security cameras don't automatically upload their footage to youtube immediately after a disaster.
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