Debunked: Morgellon's Drug Label Hoax


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Apparently on 12/20/2014 an image was uploaded to imgur of an alleged package label that hints at some sort of drug related to Morgellon's.

Of courses some Morgellon's believer made a video...

The label appears to be a hoax for a number of reasons, starting with the NDC number.

Note the NDC number in the hoax label is 9 digits instead of 10 and does not contain 3 segments separated by hyphens. The # sign after NDC is suspicious as well because afaik the format should be something like NDC: xxxxx-xxxx-x

Note in the description it says POWDER/LIQUID. If there is a powder form and a liquid form, they should have different NDC numbers. Something is either a powder or a liquid, but a non-soluble powder in a liquid would be a suspension.

Moving on down the label we find "Usage according to following US. PAT. 1957075, 2582678, 3630950"

Nothing in those patents would explain how to use a particular substance such as important instructions like mixing ratios or dispersal rates.

The first patent, issued in 1934, is for Airplane Spray Equipment, which consists of a venturi tube in the air stream to atomize liquids for aerial spraying for something like insect control.

The second patent, issued in 1952, is for a Material Disseminating Apparatus for Airplanes, which is a system for aerial distribution of dry/powdered substances.

The third patent, issued in 1971, is related to silver iodide flares used for cloud seeding.

The last paragraph contains enough errors to make me think whoever created this was trying to make it obvious that it's a hoax.

A whole year I lived on St. Thomas and now I find out we share it with Israel... oy vey. :confused:

According to another vid, the QR code on the hoax label includes a link to a NIH/FDA study on smoking, the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH).

There would be no reason that I can imagine to include that link in a QR code on a real drug label. Scaremongering evil government agencies conducting PATHogen studies makes perfect sense as part of a hoax, however. :eek:
@deirdre -
If you open the photo in a photoshop like program you can see the watermarks they forgot to erase from the envelope pic they stole. dont know why they picked one with a water mark as there are plenty without waatermarks to steal.



actually im wrong. its not a watermark.

its the red print. they used some 'masking' technique to photoshop the color out.. dont know enough about photoshopping to explain teh process... to the left of the Bag you see the "B" from "Biohazard too.. and you can see where tehy used the clone tool for some reason. just enlarge OP pic.

View attachment 10910[/QUOTE]

@JFDee -
The basic image is ripped from Wikimedia (compare the light reflexes):


The maker of the bag is German, thus the bi-langual note.


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For reference purposes regarding the bag shown in the picture, here is the product page of the manufacturer.

Note also that the product ID which is visible on the original (lower right, inside the box) was not changed for the hoax picture.

It says "PB 86/01-a" in both versions.
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let's not forget that Morgellons disease was named in 2002 by a mother of a "sufferer".
If Morgellons was ALWAYS meant to have been a man made disease, then those who invented it would have given it a different name. They would certainly not go round calling it Morgellons themselves, any more than the military paperwork will officially call a Bell UH-1 Variant anything other than an Iroquois. They will NOT call it a Huey in official literature, no matter how many military personnel use the term.
It's like the supposed chemtrail on/off switches. If they existed, they would NOT have that name.


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let's not forget that Morgellons disease was named in 2002 by a mother of a "sufferer".
well, allegedly... and i only say allegedly because i havent found an original source... a hair like disease in children was named by a Sir Thomas Brown lik ein 1544, iirc.
but iirc, he concluded finally it was scabies.

But yes, the government wouldnt call it MORGELLONS. Luckily they arent spraying USA so... :)

I'm wondering if this is one of those spoof things someone made up to mess with Chemtrailists.
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