Debunked: Los Angeles Skywatch lab tests

Mick West

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Have these lab tests been looked at before? Already debunked?

My apologies if they have but this was the first time I had seen them:

It's basically the same as:

Basically they test the levels in the dust, not in the air.

It's like testing the level of chloride in sea salt to see how much calcium there is in the sea, and finding that sea water is 55% chloride.

So just as such a test ignores all the water, their test has ignored all the air. Hence it's entirely wrong.
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Jay Reynolds

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They collected dust in Los Angeles through an air filter. They found all sorts of pollution. They made no effort to determine the concentration of what they found in the air. SR 1419, what might be helpful is to determine the volume of air actually filtered, and then find the average concentration by dividing the mass collected by the volume filtered. Do what LAskywatch should have done.

Mick West

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From May 15, 2011 through August 15, 2011 one of our members ran a Honeywell HHT081 Hepa Air Filter in her backyard continually. The dust sample was gathered from the filter cartridge and submitted to American Scientific Laboratories, LLC for analysis.
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That's about 90 days of air. They had a sample size of 0.25g However an air purifier probably does at least a cubic meter, or 1kg of air per hour, so that's 24*90 = 2160Kg, or about 2 million grams of air, or approximately 10 million times the weight of their sample.

So, divide all their results by at least 10,000,000.