Debunked: "Interdimensional being" caught on CCTV in Neza, Mexico


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The video was taken on December 26, 2018 in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico. Dr. Jaime Luna Becerra is the owner of the security cameras and claims to have seen the "entity" with his own eyes. We can actually see him at the end of the video, with his daughter Karina. As usual, many netizens rushed to the comment section to write down their thoughts, claiming it's an angel, a ghost, a bio-mechanical entity, an alien, among other things.

Here are some details that may help us figure out the true identity of this thing:
  • 3:11 - the object is initially seen "descending from the sky".
  • 6:04 - we can tell by its shadow that the object is getting progressively closer to the ground.
  • 6:09 - as it reaches the ground, it seems to go slightly up again.
  • 6:23 - at this point, the object gets at ground level again.
  • 6:39 - a light turns on in the sidewalk (in fact, there is a lamp in that very place)
  • At this point, the object is still visible moving between the numbers "12" and "26" in the video timestamp.
  • 7:00 - focus on the top of the number "26" in the timestamp, the object appears to ascend.
The shimmering "entity" seems to be reflecting the light from the street lamps, not emitting it - like some people claim - so I'll assume it's made out of a soft reflective material, like mylar film. Mylar is a type of plastic sheet, specifically Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), manufactured with many different finishes, including metallic finishes.
Its behavior is consistent with that of a partially deflated mylar balloon. It floats in the air because there's still enough helium inside to sustain its weight. The object seems to be constantly rising and falling "in slow motion" as the wind softly pushes it along the street. Its apparent shape-shifting capabilities can be explained by its tumbling motion. The poor lighting of the street and the video quality add to that effect as well.
I found some videos that show torn-open mylar balloons tumbling down the sky, that have very similar reflective characteristics to the Mexican "entity".
Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5 (ignore the channel's name, this guy can't be serious)

Plus, this video was promoted by ufologist UFO-hoax promoter Jaime Maussan, which, just by itself, damages the credibility of the whole incident.
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It floats in the air because there's still enough helium inside to sustain its weight.
The string will keep it at a fairly constant level. It's too heavy to fly, but if there's enough string on the ground the balloon will essentially be lighter, and so stay at a certain height.


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Maybe worth noting the flashing lights at the structure (guard shack with open door?) to upper right. I cannot make out if the fllashing lights are IN that structure, or reflected off the glass door of that structure and so something back behind us as we look at the object. But I do wonder if the existence of flashing lights in the area has some bearing on the flashing lights reflected from the presumed object. (The lights in the "door" are not reflected from the glittery mystery-object as they ppersist there after it has moved on down the street and out of view.) May be coincidental, but I thought it worth pointing out.


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The string will keep it at a fairly constant level. It's too heavy to fly, but if there's enough string on the ground the balloon will essentially be lighter, and so stay at a certain height.
Is it common for partially deflated helium balloons to be at constant level like that?

Whenever there's a video of a helium balloon confused for a UFO they always seem quite high up in the air.

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Is it common for partially deflated helium balloons to be at constant level like that?
Yes. It's inevitable that every balloon with a sufficiently long and heavy string will go through the "string dragging on the floor" stage. It's physically impossible for them not to (unless they ascend to a very high altitude and deflate too much before the string hits the ground). You can try it at home.
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