Debunked: Human Protection Software Suite

Mick West

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I've titled this "debunked" to aid with searching, but really this is something that should not need debunking, as it's obvious nonsense:

We have a full solution to reach a full Human Protection. Our solution is automated but it doesn´t cover 100% of the device removal. That means that there are devices(also known as implants or chips) that our solution will not find or will not remove automatically because of its size or its implications. At this moment those devices that were not removed automatically we can remove them manually (human assisted), which means man/hour fees. There are also cases that some device might not be removed because of the damaged done to the human body. Sometimes a physical part has been substituted by a device, so the removal would result in a null part in the body.

Our solution has already been successfully tested in Brazil and USA.

Our Human Protection Software Suite is a composition of many softwares installed in the Human´s body. After its installation, it starts working with the following components:

  • Human Protection Dome - impedes new device implants (installation) from entering your body
  • Quena Human Shield - reflects outside emissions.
  • Human Firewall - impedes the backdoor connections to your body for influencing, dream injections and information leakage.
  • Automatic Device Removal Matrix - removes devices (chips, implants) from the body in a search and remove algorithm. The removal is done in the first 7 layers of the human body, and recovers the damaged area using Human Technology for Recovery. It removes from milli, micro, nano scale down to sub-nano scale devices. The bigger devices are imploded but not all will disappear, thou will stop working.
  • Program Tracker - searches and removes programs and configurations in a search and remove algorithm.
  • Anti Stalking Tech - creates a 2Km (aprox. 1.2miles) clearance area around you removing stalking intentions against you.
  • Embedded Human Technology - used to recover the damaged areas from the device removal
  • Anti Tracking - hides a human in the environment, so that tracking possibility is null to their tech.
Our solution is under constant development and will be kept that way to keep ahead of the other´s tech.
We do track you via your bio signature and test you for compatibility with our tech. So not everyone will be accepted, and we will only accept those that meet compatibility with our tech.

Our Human Protection Software Suite will be licensed by a months/fee as soon as we reach open market.

So the question here is: is this actually serious? It's marketed at the "TI" (Targeted Individual) community (Gang Stalking), which certainly exists, as a community. But to regular folk this seems like a parody. Is this just someone having cruel fun with the clinically paranoid TI community? Or is the vendor, Mell Mellhedek, really that deep down the rabbit hole?

Jay Reynolds

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This is a hoax that entraps TI's further into the Matrix due to a back door in the program. Victims of this program by some stranger are sure to be compromised more than ever before. This unknown guy says he will install software in your body. Is this what you really want?

Think about it.

Mell Mellhedek

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It is a honor to be listed and talked about our solution over here. If in such a short time we have been mentioned at this website, we are doing a nice job.

P.S. Answering your question: Yes, it is serious. We are not here to have fun with humans, we are here to stay and support humans. Another thing: No one will ever find anything that deep down the rabbit hole. It is just another entrapment.

Answering the other guy: We are not leaving a back door opened, we are closing the backdoors used. That is why so many are so interested in this not happening.


Mell Mellhedek

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If we are leaving a backdoor in the installed software in the human body: Than, you are saying that a software may be installed in a human´s body? If so there is a defined structure in a human that makes it feasible to have softwares installed and have backdoors? It is a way to think about it. Lets than no put as debunked, yet.



Me thinks we have a fiddle artiste on our hands here, keen to bilk the desolate TI from their means and pilfer more than their hard fought sanity. Shame on you Rafael Born Caravantes… Alias Mell Mellhedek. Do your research, his Facebook is under his false name. Contact him here:
person: Rafael Born Caravantes
address: Rua Taquara, 564 - 105
address: Porto Alegre - RS
address: 90460210 - BR
phone: +55 51 30198388
fax-no: +51 30198388
company: Noren Desenvolvimento de Softwares e Hardwares para Reducao de Riscos

And his linked in profile here,
Do you really think it is possible to create software that prevents people from stalking and following you? Do you seriously believe that the capability of a man that has only a front page on its website can do all that is claimed? Look into his “test trials” I am sure that you will find people that are connected monetarily. More info to come on Sênior Caravantes...

Kigo Chaos

Mell Mellhedek

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Yes, my birth name is Rafael Born Caravantes. But I am using now my real name, Mellhedek. All my info is Public as well as my company's info. Feel free to dig around.Now, what is your real name? So I can know for whom you work, and which agreements you have with them. No, forget about that, we don't need it, you would loose your job for been debunked and that is not what we are here for. Keep your good work, we will keep ours, lets see who gets there first.P.S. No, you will not find no one monetarily connected, just many infiltrated from gov agencies, and those have been respectfull.Regards,Mellhedek.

Joselle Rozario

As a legitimate Targeted Individual (TI)...I find what you are attempting, to be deplorable. If anyone has come to visit this website and would like a testimony of the wonderful results I have achieved using Mellhedek's advanced technology then please take the time to read my story here:

If you were to have any questions after that, I can be reached on facebook or by email:

Mell Mellhedek

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MikeC,It is a very important question. We upload the human softwares via one of the many human interfaces available in the human body. These interfaces as well other backdoor interfaces that we are also firewalling them.Some of the known interfaces are positioned: on the back of your head, on top of your head, on your chest and on your back. These positions are also related to known positions in the basic body energy system, known as chakras.Regards,Mellhedek.

Jay Reynolds

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How on earth do you load "software" into the human body??
I think he means that software is softer to load into the human body in much the same way that hardware is harder to load into the human body.
It all makes perfect sense, if you just look at it the right way.

Jay Reynolds

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We upload the human softwares via one of the many human interfaces available in the human body. These interfaces as well other backdoor interfaces that we are also firewalling them.
See, I told you Hellhedek puts a backdoor into his software, then he firewalls it so it can't ever be removed. Nasty stuff he's putting into TI's so they will forever be his zombies.

Joselle Rozario

Blah Blah Jay Reynolds...I think you just like to see yourself type. That's a wild imagination you got going there. Sounds kind of dark and sinister what you've concocted. Might want to check your backdoor for anything incoming :)

Mick West

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I'm afraid Jay was just joking there.

The idea of human software as described is not scientifically plausible. It's basically equivalent to magic.


Closed Account
MikeC,It is a very important question. We upload the human softwares via one of the many human interfaces available in the human body. These interfaces as well other backdoor interfaces that we are also firewalling them.Some of the known interfaces are positioned: on the back of your head, on top of your head, on your chest and on your back. These positions are also related to known positions in the basic body energy system, known as chakras.Regards,Mellhedek.

Gobbledygook - I can read the words, but they have no meaning.


Yes I work for the government... I am a reptilian overlord. :rolleyes:

My actual name is Kigo... my last name is Inordinatio. My father is Italian, my mother German. I am a targeted individual. I might be young but I know a scam artist when I see one. Think about it people, do you think that if it were possible to create a software that can "remotely download to the brain" that the government that target us all wouldn't swoop in a destroy this ala Waco Texas? If there are targeted people in Brazil and the Brazilian government is behind this, don't you think they would be able to find Rafael Born Caravantes, since his location, address and number are all here? Use some common sense people. There is no software that would prevent those perps responsible from swooping in with REAL guns (which I shouldn't have to point out that "software" cannot stop bullets) and taking the software away?

I know that the Targeted Individual community is more intelligent than to believe in such a false hope. Lets work to expose Rafael

~Kigo Chaos

Jay Reynolds

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As a legitimate Targeted Individual (TI)...I find what you are attempting, to be deplorable. If anyone has come to visit this website and would like a testimony of the wonderful results I have achieved using Mellhedek's advanced technology then please take the time to read my story here:

If you were to have any questions after that, I can be reached on facebook or by email:
Joselle, facebook is blocking your page from being viewed.

Ross Marsden

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I can read it OK. I will do that later.
Perhaps you have been targeted already, Jay.
I have a spare license for Norton Anti-virus HE* if you would like to take a prophylactic...

* HE - human edition

Jay Reynolds

Senior Member.
I can read it OK. I will do that later.
Perhaps you have been targeted already, Jay.
I have a spare license for Norton Anti-virus HE* if you would like to take a prophylactic...

* HE - human edition
I'll have an appointent to see the Spyware Doctor tomorrow!


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" as well other backdoor interfaces"
Anyone trying to get in MY backdoor interface will be in big trouble.

Joselle Rozario


For anyone who was unable to view my FaceBook page. Please visit my new blog @ Here you may view:

1. Credentials that Substantiate Who I Am
2. My Testimony as a Tester/End User of the Human Protection Software Suite
3. Photos as Evidence
4. 70+ FAQ’s from Mellhedek’s FaceBook Page

My very best,

Joselle Rozario


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Mell Mellhedek's facebook page says at one point,
"Our solution has already been successfully tested in Brazil and USA."

What was the testing process ?
Was the source of the unwanted anomaly found, in the first place ?
Were the results tested....both on a "known" implant chip subject, and an "unknown" chip-less subject ?
Were those two results compared ?
...and if it was a "known" chipped subject.....why not just remove the chip.....and present that as evidence, or to further prove your product's capabilities ??
So far, no TI (targeted individual), has ever produced such a chip.

Jay Reynolds

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This mellhedek fellow isn't getting any traction, thankfully. The TI people are essentially paranoid, how many will trust some unknown guy in Brazil?

mellhedek, few of these people have any money.
My advice, find something worthwhile to sell to people with money, and lose the 'appeal to fear' tactic.
You'll feel better about yourself in the end.

John Allman

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So the question here is: is this actually serious?

Not a chance.

It's marketed at the "TI" (Targeted Individual) community (Gang Stalking), which certainly exists, as a community.

It's the first I've heard of this product, and I've been targeted since 1998, and am very well-known in the community in the UK. See, for example, If there really was a "product" that was being marketed to targeted people, and money changing hands, that would be irresponsible. A few could actually be taken in by the joke, and end up with false hopes dashed, and money wasted.

But to regular folk this seems like a parody.

Firstly, it obviously IS a parody. Targeted people would be likely to spot that quicker than others, but I'm surprised that anybody with a brain needs to ask. Secondly, what kind of misconception is being peddled, by referring to people who haven't been targeted (yet) as "regular folk"?

Is this just someone having cruel fun with the clinically paranoid TI community?

It's somebody having funny fun with the targeted community, I'd say. But not if money is really changing hands. In that case, I take it all back. It's not at all funny.

And - puh-lease - don't portray the TI community as "clinically paranoid". Firstly, it's not "politically correct" for lay people to use medical jargon as put-downs, even if one of the cushiest jobs going in medicine is being one of the doctors who are paid to do this. Secondly, it's simply not correct, period.

Or is the vendor, Mell Mellhedek, really that deep down the rabbit hole?

In character, I'd say so. I dare say that, when he's not in his Mell Melhedek role, the person who invented and plays that character is as level-headed as any of us, and maybe a lot more level headed than some of the TIs and non-TIs I know, I have to admit. Same as Dame Edna Everidge is female, but Barry Humphries (?) who plays her and writes her scripts and makes up her ad libs, is male.

My advice is to enjoy the satire, but please also to educate yourselves by also looking at the serious coverage of organised stalking and electronic harassment that's out there, because the people who have become targets, all started out, and indeed remain, "regular people". Apart from the need for the public to learn about the targeting industry if we're ever going to get it stopped, you'd have enjoyed satire more if you hadn't been comparatively ignorant of the real phenomenon that was being satirised.

John Allman

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It appears that Mellhedek is serious about making money from this spoof after all. What is worse, he and Joselle have been on the radio a couple of times in the USA, as studio guests. What are they on, these broadcasters, to allow this scam air time?

I listened to one recorded broadcast in the background whilst multi-tasking. A friend of mine, who I will call "Andrew", participated live in a phone-in with this pair, sending me the following report afterwards.

Andrew said:
Hi John
Well that was a rush just spent/wasted the last 2 hours with Mellhedek and friends.I got about 7/8 questions asked via chat that the host the `lovely` Joselle put to our old mucker Mell.I was asking clarification type questions in response to his waffle answers.It felt a bit cruel at times because naturally the man was all over the place,talking past lives,unseen forces stuff you couldn`t make it up.

So if you have 2 hours to waste play the recording back, I was guest 19, a Uk Ti called Dave username Demoncleaner was on and respectfully tried to question and they blocked him as they did me in the last 5-10 mins.Joselle played for time and kept the bluff going but I think the penny has dropped and they realise they have been rumbled.It would be more amusing if it wasn`t so damn cruel,as you know well people are suffering daily and yet others see an oppurtunity to cash in,damn evil.Anyhow I like to think I have saved some Ti`s from even greater loss will likely send a strong email to Joselle if she wants to persist with this scam.

Speak soon John regards Andrew

I am grateful to Mick for covering this scam on this message board, resulting in a high ranking for this thread in searches for Human Protection Software Suite, that will serve to protect desperate people who are scientifically uneducated.

By all accounts, the scam isn't working.

It is possible that Joselle is innocently duped, having experienced some real relief from the placebo effect after some hocus pocus wrought by Mellhedek.

Mell, if you want to sue me for libel for denouncing your "product" here, there and everywhere, go ahead punk, make my day. I agree with Mick's description: you're peddling "magic", nothing more than that. I really did think that you were a satirist, and laughed out load. I'm not laughing any more. Shame on you.


Jay Reynolds

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I see very little difference between Mellhedeck and you, John.
Maybe you actually believe what you are touting, but both of you contribute to a state of misery in a way that I see as cruel.

Anthony Forwood

The Art of Suggestion in Action

The promoter of HPSS, ‘Mell Mellhedek’, won’t talk to me for some reason. He’s even deleted my messages from his site, and has fixed it so I can’t post any more there. Hmmmm!

Out of the 300 or so people who have supposedly tested HPSS, there are a total of TWO have actually endorsed it. One of those people is Jim Alby. I contacted Jim on facebook to see if I could ask him some questions about his experience with HPSS, but he doesn’t want to oblige, for whatever reason, and he just referred me back to the HPSS documentation for answers to my many questions. Unfortunately, that documentation provides no answers to the questions that everyone with a discerning eye is demanding to know.

Nonetheless, I went through the transcripts of one of ‘Mellhedek’s’ online test sessions, which is pretty much all that he’s willing to offer in the way of test results. Nonetheless, it’s very interesting, indeed! In fact, it gives a pretty good example of how suggestive influencing is being used by ‘Mellhedek’.

I’ll use these transcripts to show people how he attempts to induce phantom EH symptoms in a person, using a little suggestive influencing and relying on their psychosomatic tendencies. I’m posting the entire transcript (so as not to take anything out of context) along with a running commentary interspersed, explaining EXACTLY how ‘Mellhedek’ attempts this. After that, I’ve added some further comments I have about this.

What I describe is obviously going to be speculative on my part, in that I’m having to guess that this is what’s going on, although there are other possibilities that are equally fraudulent (for instance, that this ‘session’ was completely made up, like all of ‘Mellhedek’s’ claims). However, the basic techniques I describe here are scientifically supported, and commonly used by con artists, hypnotists, and psychologists. The fact that he’s using suggestive influencing is obvious, once you are aware of the process involved.

Please be aware that I’m not intentionally trying to insult or besmirch any TIs out there with real problems by what I suggest is going on in what follows, but I have no other choice but to take this avenue if none of the people promoting HPSS will discuss anything about it with me. My intentions are to use this fine example of a con artist attempting to apply suggestive influencing to induce phantom symptoms in people who have strong psychosomatic tendencies. Maybe some of you will recognize the same techniques being used by others who claim to have a solution to their targeting, and you will think twice.

So here we go…

‘Mellhedek wants it to sound like he has lots of people wanting his help, so he pretends that he has others there being ‘helped’ as well. This suggestion is intended to boost John’s confidence in him.

This is just a delay to get John into an expectant state of mind.

Here, ‘Mellhedek’ has John go back and relax, which will hopefully put him in an alpha state. The alpha state is the best state for suggestive influencing – the same state that’s used to induce hypnosis. He also wants to increase John’s expectancy even more by delaying further, and he will hopefully start focusing on any symptoms he might be having.

‘Mellhedek’ wants to know if he slept, which will tell him if John is definitely in an alpha state.

Note that John isn’t currently displaying any symptoms. ‘Mellhedek’ gets John to start focusing on his symptoms. This will cause him to become more sensitized to what’s going on in his body, getting any possible symptom-like sensations to stand out more in his mind. Anything that resembles symptoms at all will come to his attention.

This delay might be due to the fact that John isn’t relaxed because of the interruptions he’s having. More likely, though, it’s because John currently has no symptoms. John will spend the two hours looking for them, which will help in self-inducing them psychosomatically before he comes back. ‘Mellhedek’ needs phantom symptoms to be there first before he can influence them to go away.

‘Mellhedek’ wants to make sure John is focusing on his symptoms, since it’s been two hours since they last talked. He wants John to be sensitized to what’s going on in his body so that any unusual feelings are magnified. If John has strong psychosomatic tendencies, he’ll probably have found some symptoms to report.

Here, ‘Mellhedek’ is pushing John for a better answer, and if John is the right type of person, he’ll want to make ‘Mellhedek’ happy by having something to report. This also influences John to focus harder on looking for any possible symptoms, since ‘Mellhedek’ needs to establish something through psychosomatics. ‘Mellhedek’ leaves it open to John to tell him what they are. By doing this, he’s essentially getting John to suggest the symptoms to himself.

Since John isn’t really having much in the way of symptoms, ‘Mellhedek’ wants to give it a little longer. He needs John to start inducing symptoms psychosomatically by spending some time focused on looking for them.

John inadvertently offers ‘Mellhedek’ an excuse for any potential problems with his ‘product’ when John asks about the battery operated clock.

‘Mellhedek’ is still waiting for John to start self-inducing symptoms psychosomatically. He needs John to be receptive to the idea that he’s having them. This will make his further suggestive influencing far easier. If he can’t induce them, he can’t really ‘cure’ them either.

‘Mellhedek’ is now resorting to suggesting specific symptoms, starting with something quite easy to induce just by looking for them and expecting them. Itching is far easier to induce than pain or other similarly strong symptoms.

Finally, John is reacting to the suggestions. Notice that it still isn’t much of a symptom.

He’s accepting the suggestion.

When ‘Mellhedek’ says that he’s going to “cut off their power”, John asks “How can I tell?” but ‘Mellhedek’ never bothers to give an answer. He leaves it open for John to use his imagination and look for anything that might be a sign, rather than to tell him what to expect.

John is also already sensitized to planes flying over. He has also somehow predetermined that they fly over to make a point. I wonder how far John lives from the nearest airport or military base, or whether he’s living in a heavily populated area? Lot’s of planes in those areas makes it easier to get sensitized to them after hearing others talk about this sort of thing, which causes the sensitization. Also notice that John states that he has difficulty detecting any symptoms. He needs time before he can tell.

‘Mellhedek’ knows that the planes come and go randomly, and probably have nothing to do with John. He suggests to John that John will withstand their arracks. Of course, John’s not having any symptoms, so he’s not having any attacks, and there’s nothing to withstand.

All this back and forth movement to and from John’s safe area helps to establish ‘Mellhedek’s’ suggestive influence on John, by having him follow physical commands rather than just mental ones. This helps to create stronger subconscious communication between his mind and the body, which will help in influencing any psychosomatic tendencies he might have.

At this point, ‘Mellhedek’ is going to start working on John’s friend Mary. He’ll give up on John altogether. Note that John wasn’t having any symptoms at all the whole time, and ‘Mellhedek’ hasn’t really had much luck inducing any phantom ones either. Because John gets voices, they aren’t so easy to induce through suggestion.

Note that as soon as ‘Mellhedek’ switches to Mary, he immediately demands her trust by expecting her to give personal information to a total stranger. It’s not enough to cause her to back out… just enough to gain her trust. This is important! This causes her to make a commitment to feel more open to him and be more receptive to his suggestive influences. He also asks for her symptoms. This causes her to begin focusing on them and allows any psychosomatic tendencies to start kicking in, just as he did with John.

John says:
symptoms are they’re doing something to her spine. feels like the discs are popping out.

Note that she’s already having symptoms. If they’re psychosomatic, it will be easy for him to manipulate them through his suggestions.

Note that he doesn’t specify what part of her he’s working on. He leaves it open because he wants her to come up with something through her expectation and desire to see an effect. So he’s leaving it to her to look for any symptom changes at all that she might think are occurring, so he can claim that he caused it.

He asks her to look for symptom changes as he supposedly ‘works’ on her (note that he doesn’t specify what area he’s working on). This gets her to focus more intensely on her symptoms, so she will sensitize herself to any physical sensations that might arise psychosomatically. This helps to magnify anything she’s already feeling as well. He also wants her to keep busy texting so that she stays busy focusing on all this.

He suggests that he knows where the attacks are coming from, and overrules her own assumptions. If she trusts him, she’ll accept what he says, leading her into greater dependency on him, and even greater trust. This builds up her receptivity to his suggestions.

He doesn’t want them to focus on the source because he wants to influence their symptoms to decrease (well, Mary’s, since John doesn’t seem to be having any anyway). Telling them this might help ‘Mellhedek’ reduce any psychosomatic symptoms. This works because the source is closely associated with symptoms in the mind of an EH target, so thinking about the source might habitually cause symptoms to be more easily induced psychosomatically by focusing on the source. When you focus on something, it naturally becomes magnified in your awareness, and he wants to make sure that the opposite happens, so he gets them to avoid any thoughts that might lead to the induction of psychosomatic symptoms. The reason he still gas them focus on the symptoms is because this will induce a physiological connection between mind and body, which will allow him to then manipulate her psychosomatically. He’s counting on their symptoms to be psychosomatic in nature, as many TIs who claim to be getting EH really are.

Note that she just says her spine’s not right, nothing about it hurting, and nothing is wrong with her arm. He had asked about the pain before she said where it was hurting, and only now does she say where it’s specifically hurting.

When ‘Mellhedek’ states that the attacks can come from multiple sources and they’ll keep switching around, he’s setting up an excuse for himself in case of any potential failure in inducing psychosomatic effects in Mary through his suggestive influence.

Remember, there was no pain in the spine. He’s taking credit for something that wasn’t there.

This will be a cover excuse for his failure, as we’ll see.

Note: Kind of a suspicious little exchange going on here! This suggests to me that there could be some collusion between these two guys, and Mary might even be a non-existent person. In fact, John could be non-existent as well. But I’ll leave that for an alternative look at this little ‘session’ in a possible future expose.

‘Mellhedek’ is stalling, waiting for some feedback from Mary because he needs to know what direction to go with his scam.

He forgets about Mary and decides to start working on John again. He first needs him to go to his safe area where he’ll relax and hopefully get back into an alpha state and become more open to suggestion. It will also get him to start focusing on himself, looking for any possible symptoms. If he has any psychosomatic tendencies, phantom symptoms might start arising, which is what ‘Mellhedek’ wants, so he’ll know if John is in a suggestible state.

He’s setting up an excuse in case there are no psychosomatic results from his suggestions. If he has to, he can claim that he can’t remove the physical ones remotely, and he’ll say that they’re the source of any persisting symptoms that he can’t counter.

Note that John still doesn’t seem to be having any symptoms at all. He’s just reporting Mary’s. He’s also ignoring her real pain, and pretending to be working on an area that will be easier to influence, since it might be psychosomatic in the first place, whereas the pain in her forehead seems more real and might not be possible to reduce through suggestion.

She’s focused intently on her hand now, so ‘Mellhedek’ will try to take advantage of that. By the time John asks him to work on her hand, she may have started feeling more receptive to ‘Mellhedek’s’ suggestions through John. At any rate, if John has suggested to Mary in any way that ‘Mellhedek’ was causing whatever positive changes might have been taking place prior to the hand (a slight reduction in symptoms in her spine), she would have become more open to further suggestions because of the trust she already had in John as a friend. Whatever the case, we haven’t really seen him have much influence on her at all, so far.

She’s revealing to ‘Mellhedek’ that she’s open to his suggestions and receptive to something happening, focusing intently on the feelings in her hand, magnifying them as she sensitizes herself to them, and when she does feel any slight change, she attributes it to him, revealing that she’s developing a greater trust in him. Her feedback tells him that his suggestions are being accepted, even if they aren’t really doing much, if anything. He wants to stay focused on her hand now because it might be responding to her expectations through his suggestions.

Note who says what first here. ‘Mellhedek’ asks about her only after John tells him that her hand feels better. He’s planting the suggestion that he was expecting her to be feeling better at that point, trying to make it look like he had just been doing something to reduce the symptoms there.

When John asks if ‘Mellhedek’ removed the implants in her hand, he essentially gives him an opening to take the credit. ‘Mellhedek’ takes credit, but says he only removed some of them. Doing this leaves the matter open, in case his suggestive influence doesn’t work and there are still symptoms later on.

Her responses tell him that she’s buying it and is self-inducing psychosomatic relief in the symptoms. His further suggestions will have a better chance of working.

Now that her hand has stopped feeling any phantom symptoms, she focuses on wherever else she’s feeling symptoms. She’ll tend to focus on those areas that have previously bothered her, which are already ‘trained’ to show psychosomatic symptoms. She starts focusing on her forehead where she’s been having the strongest symptoms, sensitizing herself to that area and further magnifying anything she feels.

‘Mellhedek’ says that the perps hacked what he’s just done, again covering for any possibility that his suggestive influencing doesn’t work very well. Note that John quickly agrees with whatever ‘Mellhedek’ says. This shows how receptive he is to ‘Mellhedek’s’ suggestions. Just the kind of person ‘Mellhedek’ wants for his scam.

Note that her symptoms are actually getting worse. This is because they are already more intense than the ones in her hand or spine, and by focusing on them, she’s actually causing them to magnify and get even stronger.

John seems receptive to everything that ‘Mellhedek’ suggests.

Now the pain in her forehead lessens, and she immediately gives him the credit, because she trusts him and wants to believe that he can help her. But he didn’t really do anything more than lead her with suggestions, and since her symptoms were actually psychosomatic in anyway, they could be easily influenced through suggestion. She was open to his suggestions and expecting that something would happen, and so it did. He takes the credit for it, of course, and tells her to spread the word (like he had just performed some sort of miracle), because he knows she’ll only say good things about him at this point. She’s bought his scam and believes he did it all, not understanding how she was tricked.

She says she’s still having symptoms, so he responds by saying she has lots of implants, suggesting that they’re causing the symptoms. Again, he’s just covering his ass because he didn’t really do anything and her symptoms persist. John shows that he’s supportive of ‘Mellhedek’s’ suggestions that there are more implants, which means that John may be inadvertently helping to influence Mary. Remember, she trusts her friend John, who she knows trusts and believes ‘Mellhedek’, which increases her trust and belief in him too.

He wants to draw her into his web further by leading her to the next stage of his scam.

He emphasizes the size of the safe area simply for dramatics, to make it seem more important and for other purposes than it really is. He really just wants her to use it to relax her enough to induce an alpha state and make her more suggestible.

Note that he’s ignoring her persisting symptoms, and diverting attention by starting to test on her. He doesn’t explain what he means by that, leaving it open to their imaginations and cover his ass if he has to.

She’s being cooperative with his instructions, showing that she’s committed and receptive to whatever he tells her.

He wants her to relax, to get her in an alpha state.

‘Mellhedek’ is waiting for her to tell him what he wants to hear, so he can take the credit. He wants to give her plenty of time to self-suggest the symptoms to disappear.

This might be because she’s getting exhausted from all this.

‘Mellhedek’ is trying to influence her to go along with his suggestions by making her feel special.

She senses changes (“fluttering”) because she had time to relax and let her mind wander while she was in her safe area, giving the phantom symptoms a chance to lessen, change, or disappear. She was looking for something to happen, causing a psychosomatic reaction.

Writing all this down does two things here. First, it acts to deepen the belief that the symptoms she’s been having here are real and that he’s worked his mojo her. It’s a well-known psychological trick that tying this sort of physical confirmation to something – in this case, any imagined symptoms – will establish them more firmly in her mind as being real. Later she’ll be more likely to still believe they were. Second, it changes her focus from her body to the task at hand, giving the phantom symptoms a chance to disperse.

Her symptoms are just bouncing around from area to area, and although they’re lessening somewhat (we have little to tell by), it’s only because they’re psychosomatic – her belief that she’s being attacked is still stronger than her belief in him. She might also be too focused on looking for them. He uses the excuse that some are natural, because he’s not doing very well.

Again, this is suggestive influencing. He’s excusing his failure to do anything but initiate phantom symptoms through psychosomatics (if he’s even doing that).

He’s suggesting that there should be positive feedback. If she believes that he’s helping her, she’ll not want to disappoint him. She’ll look for any sort of seeming improvement, and he hopes that through psychosomatics she will hopefully respond accordingly.

John gives him her report. She’s come up with quite a long list of things to describe. This indicates several things. First, it shows that she had become very sensitized to any little thing that she might feel. Second, it indicates that she’s attributing every little sensation she feels to EH attacks and/or ‘Mellhedek’, ignoring the possibility that it could be other things. The pounding in the head lessened because she stopped focusing on it when she started writing or looking for other areas that had any odd sensations. That she says she thought she was going to die indicates an overly exaggerated imagination at this point, which can only help in influencing a person. She now believes that he’s able to affect her. She wants help with her problem, so she’ll be more likely to become dependent on ‘Mellhedek’ for that help. If her symptoms are psychosomatic, he’ll be able to manipulate her better as time goes on and he gains her trust and belief further. Note that she’s still not much better.

He praises himself, as does John. Both his self-praise and Mary stating that she feels relief will ground John’s belief in ‘Mellhedek’ further – as well as any other TIs out there who hear about HPSS and are gullible enough to accept whatever they want to believe without giving it a second thought.

Here we go again with the initial step of attempting to induce an alpha state in John. He once again gives the suggestion that John has implants, getting him to focus on the idea.

The session stops here, for some reason – probably because the rest of it went nowhere with John, as previously.

* * *

‘Mellhedek’ really had no effect on either of them, although he gave it a good try. John had no symptoms during the entire time, and Mary was at the height of what she thought was an attack when she started, so ‘Mellhedek’ took the credit as soon as it lessened, which it eventually would have anyway.

The most important thing to note with all this is that ‘Mellhedek’ relied on his suggestions and John and Mary’s gullibility.

‘Mellhedeh’ only wants to deal with the most gullible people. These are the type of people who tend to have high psychosomatic tendencies, and so they’re easier for him to manipulate into self-inducing phantom symptoms. They’re also the least likely people to say anything if they’re dissatisfied, because he uses the fear of being labeled as a perp or infiltrator if they speak up.
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