Debunked: HAARP rings/scalar squares, etc. validated in paper from Stanford


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Dutchsinse has stumbled on a paper that in his words:

... has vindicated us on many levels... a .PDF paper from Stanford University... FULLY COVERING THE PHENOMENON that we've been documenting since last year... the 'HAARP ring'..'stairstep pattern'.. and 'Scalar Square' RADAR signature patterns. VERIFIED via scientific paper directly relating to HAARP.

Dutchsinse video HERE.

Stanford paper HERE.

Specifically, the ".PDF paper from Stanford University" :confused: is a paper detailing research conducted by two graduate students and the Director of STAR lab, which is a research group within the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. The paper was published in Geophysical Research Letters in 2008. I've known about this research for a couple of years and I'm not surprised that dutchsinse has once again totally misinterpreted something he isn't even close to understanding. I think all he does is make up stories to match the pretty pictures (radar/satellite displays) he sees like a toddler that can't read yet.

Their research does not in any way, shape or form "fully cover the phenomenon that (dutch et al. have) been documenting since last year".

Dutchsinse claims:

Page 2, section 2, subsection 11 clearly states the types of geometric patterns that are projected into the sky from the ground based HF (high frequency) station heater.... used to HEAT the lower ionosphere .. producing the typical patterns we have been seeing on RADAR which induce severe weather.

A critical point here is that HAARP is not just a "ground based HF station heater", it's a phased array. A phased array specifically is necessary to produce the ELV/VLF "antenna" in the ionosphere which is the goal of the research.

All weather occurs in the troposphere, except in the case of strong convection in supercell storms where cloud tops punch through the tropopause into the lower stratosphere. The troposphere, where all weather occurs, extends from the ground to an altitude of between ~ 11 to 17 km. HAARP excites (heats) electrons in the lower ionosphere at an altitude of between ~ 70 to 100 km. It's important to note at this point that NEXRAD WSR-88D weather radar only extends to less than ~ 20 km in altitude. Weather radar transmits/receives at ~ 3 GHz whereas the HAARP array in this research transmitted at 3.25 MHz to produce an ELF/VLF "antenna" in the ionosphere that transmits at frequencies between 1 kHz and 6.25 kHz.

As you can see, the radio frequencies and operational altitudes between HAARP and NEXRAD are completely different such that they are totally incompatible.

HAARP transmits at a specific frequency in order to excite (heat) electrons in the ionosphere. When electrons are excited/heated, they emit electromagnetic radiation at specific frequencies. HAARP's phased array configuration allows them to rapidly, in a manner of seconds, excite/heat electrons in a pattern across a relatively small patch of the ionosphere above the HAARP facility. The phased array excites/heats the patch of electrons in the ionosphere with one of three specific patterns to produce ELF/VLF transmissions in the range of 1 - 6.25 kHz, which were received by very sensitive specialized equipment in three locations, two of which were ~ 700 km away. Nothing transmitted/produced by HAARP has any effect on weather whatsoever. The research in the paper in question is focused on communications and nowhere in the paper do they mention weather or weather radar.

Dutchsinse has interpreted this as verification that ionospheric heaters are responsible for weather modification and are producing, as he puts it:

Scalar Squares = Square Wave, stairstep pattern = sawtooth pattern , and HAARP ring = Circle Sweep.

If those patterns of electron heating in the ionosphere could be detected by weather radar don't you think they would have utilized one in order to visually confirm and study their ELF/VLF "antenna" in the ionosphere? Of course they would, but they didn't because they can't.

Regardless, ELF/VLF radio transmissions can't affect the weather or produce earthquakes for the same reasons that radio waves don't produce wind or rattle your windows. If heating the ionosphere with HAARP affects the weather, why is the weather not totally out of whack in the vicinity of Gakona, Alaska?

The energy imparted into the ionosphere by HAARP is less than the diurnal fluctuations in the ionosphere caused by energy received from the sun.

I'm sure Dutch doesn't understand the inverse square law regarding radio transmission either.

And if he thinks NEXRAD weather radar are also covert ionospheric heaters, well I'll just say that a weather radar station is not a phased array by any stretch of the imagination, and a phased array is required to produce those patterns of heated electrons in the ionosphere.

He acts like he just discovered that paper as if it's some new revelation validating his claims. What a crock! He referenced that Stanford STAR Lab paper back on 10/04/2011 on his blog HERE.

Notice how he suddenly digs that paper up again at a time when even some of his most loyal followers start calling him out on that "plume" BS.

He's even stolen some of the terminology used in the paper for his latest "haarp ring" blog headline:

4/2/2012 — Square Waves, Sawtooth Sweeps, and Circle Sweeps — Texas, East Coast, Minnesota, Wisconsin

Feeling nauseous, can't continue.

NEXRAD isn't HF is it?


And if he thinks NEXRAD weather radar are also covert ionospheric heaters, well I'll just say that a weather radar station is not a phased array by any stretch of the imagination, and a phased array is required to produce those patterns of heated electrons in the ionosphere.


His subscribers tend to think that NEXRAD sights are beaming energy at the sky that that is being picked up by "satellite radar". This lady is pretty typical of his subs (though she is far friendlier than Dutch).

Skip ahead to about the 2 minute mark in the second video. I've attempted to explain to her and others in the past that the radar images that they look at are mosaics of imagery from numerous ground based radars with over-lapping coverage and that Intellicast, Unysis, College of Dupage, NWS, and on and on are essentially displaying the same data. They marvel that the beams and other blips show up on "multiple radars" in that the beams show on Unysis, Wunderground, NWS, etc... as if those providers each has its own radar as opposed to simply displaying data primarily provided by NWS equipment. They all think that they are seeing "frequencies" being "beamed" toward the sky. This lady thinks that the radars are "on" when she sees beams. I've fruitlessly attempted to explain how communications towers cause "spokes" on the radar having even gone as far as locating the cell phone towers responsible for 3 of the JAX beams.
There are so many different convoluted ever-changing ideas from that group about how their haarp/nexrad/chemtrail weather making earthquake machine supposedly works it's hard to keep track. I see the dutch-clone Outback4Me lists WaronErrorDKos as a featured channel. I call waronerror "beam attack lady" because last year she came up with this "am/pm beam attack" thing because she saw "beams" centered on radar stations, all at the same angle, flashing systematically across the US at sunrise and sunset on an unfiltered mosaic time series. It took many, many PM's back and forth, full of details and references, to convince her it was just the sunspike anomaly, which does look pretty cool on the unfiltered mosaic loop, btw. I also identified sources of interference at JAX for waronerror, among several other locations. Even though she left a nice comment on my youtube page about me being a wealth of weather information, she said in one message that nobody, regardless of their level of expertise, was ever going to convince her that the weather was not being controlled on a grand scale. She wound up blocking me the day after the douchemeister blocked me for the first time. I guess the ringleader didn't want any flies in his minion's ointment. Amazing, these people who don't know the first thing about the atmosphere or remote sensing are convinced there's something "wrong" with the weather these days and that their conspiracy fairytales are right. Once they're proven wrong about anything they just seamlessly continue and come up with someting new.

Their ilk are also dangerous in the way they foment distrust in thousands of people against reliable, accurate and trusted sources of information...information that has saved countless lives over the years.

Basically blaiming any and all weather these days on HAARP. And yes, at least this time he appears to be implying that NEXRAD stations are HAARP (see the 3:18 mark in the vid for and example of his evidence).

This is not just limited to Alaska, but using it as a good example.. hundreds of ground based stations exist WORLD WIDE... other countries have their own arrays.. Russia, China, EU -- just to name a few. We are not the only country taking part in this fiasco / tragedy.

So he is leading his followers to believe that the very NEXRAD doppler radar technology that allows detection of rotation in thunderstorms before a tornado actually forms is actually causing and controlling severe weather. So they're blaming the early warning system that has dramatically cut the death rate from tornadoes for causing tornadoes.

A remark on the image at the 3:18 mark is that the image was generated at 4-5AM under a very strong high pressure. That is quite likely just a badly filtered presentation of false returns caused by refraction of the signal to the ground under a strong thermal inversion. That type of signal is common early in the morning when clear conditions under high pressure favor good radiational cooling but warm moist air is beginning to overrun cool stable air at the surface ahead of a developing low pressure system. That does mean that such signals often precede a change in the weather (Just like cirrus and altocumulus clouds were the old timers' way of predicting the approach of a frontal system). The thing is those types of returns predict severe weather about as well as spotting a "Mackeral Sky" 24-48 hours ahead of an approaching front, and that is not very well. It must means that there is an approaching front. But it seems that confirmation bias allows them to latch onto every case where such radar returns precede actual severe weather and ignore all the times when the frontal system is more benign. I've tried to communicate to them that it is the weather creating the signal on the radar and how that occurs but they just insult me and block me from their videos.

Question is, are they going to start harrassing meteorologists and radar techs?
Oh and for a little perspective on tornado history since Dutch and his 49,000 subscribers believe that modern activity is absolutely unprecedented: (Man, 49,000 subscribers. I bet he's raking it in based on the response to his latest video).

Plenty of outbreaks in the past.

Seems that tornadoes were better killing machines before we had storm spotter networks and NEXRAD.
(Of course flying was more dangerous too before doppler systems improved the ability to detect vertical sheer and microbursts near airports).
And to keep it relevant to this site. These people are chemtrailers that are incorporating this HAARP/RADAR nonsense into their "theory". The most recent comment to his video:

Good job Dutch! It wont be long, the elite are being exposed on every front. Also important, chemtrail exposure!. Everyone watch on youtube " what in the world are they spraying" and check out and naturalnews. com

Then a comment that borders on threatening:

Yea I was just explaining to whom ever would listen that you had so clearly shown us that the haarp rings etc. were being used in this area the day before, and here it is. Where is the real news? Where are the reporters? Why doesn't this story get on the front page! What can we do to fight this? talking isn't enough, those people have already been attacked. Who's next? Who wants this to happen? It seems the enemy is within the country!
mommaglock 27 minutes ago
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Yea I was just explaining to whom ever would listen that you had so clearly shown us that the haarp rings etc. were being used in this area the day before, and here it is. Where is the real news? Where are the reporters? Why doesn't this story get on the front page! What can we do to fight this? talking isn't enough, those people have already been attacked. Who's next? Who wants this to happen? It seems the enemy is within the country!

The tornadoes in TX on Tue. 4/3 are a good example of how people think dutch predicted weather that nobody else saw coming. Well, the NWS was all over potential severe weather in north TX at least a full day before dutch ever mentioned it. NWS scientific forecast discussion from 3:50 PM Sun. 4/1 for the Dallas area HERE.




His followers should compare the professional forecast to one of dutch's video's and see exactly who provides the most accurate, detailed and timely forecast.

And to keep it relevant to this site. These people are chemtrailers that are incorporating this HAARP/RADAR nonsense into their "theory".

The top of his youtube page does declare "..because every dark cloud has a silver IODIDE lining". He at least knows how to play to his audience.
I got banned 2 accounts ago for posting 3-5 day old NWS forecast discussions in response to his "predictions" and success declarations. More often than not, especially in the winter, no severe weather occurs following his "ring outbreaks" and "scalar squares" (with his scalar square typically being Intellicasts filter deleting virga from imagery in a square pattern. When severe weather occurs it just needs to be somewhere in the "warned area" and he and his subscribers will claim that it went right through the center of the "HAARP Rings".

His subscribers are declaring total success on the Texas tornado:

Where are the trolls now? BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!­!!!!!1

BetsyRossConservativ 20 hours ago 11

Off on location slightly. Excited area moved with jet stream/wind patterns?

ManicDeprescion 21 hours ago

You sure called this one... Big Tornado

TheNewsunknown 21 hours ago

You nailed it. Maybe more people will pay attention now.

dipity63 22 hours ago

2 Tornadoes touching down now in Texas...causing extensive damage!!

Drummer1959 22 hours ago
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If severe weather does not occur he will use the bugs in Intellicast's TITAN storm tracker to pretend that it has. In the following video he claims that severe weather is occurring in an area where there was a "HAARP Ring Outbreak" 3-4 days prior (1:33 mark).

In this video TITAN erroneously identified rotation in one location. No tornado occurred. No severe weather was occurring or occurred. Viewers provided surface observations and local storm reports in the comments noting a lack of severe weather in the area and he simply deleted all comments and blocked further comments and let the video stand uncorrected.
I did not notice this in his video description earlier:

The geometric modulation is done in a PLANNED MANNER -- no accident about it -- and the sites being used that we have documented are for sure 100% NWS nexrad sites. It must be said that SEVERAL NWS / nexrad sites are seen with direct hits 1-2 days after frequency spikes. It just so happens these direct hits are AIRPORTS where the nexrads are located... Dallas Fort Worth yesterday (4/3/2012) .. Lambert St. Louis airport 2011 .. Tampa international back in 2011 ... Red Cloud Nebraska 2011... intersection of hwy 92 & 83 North of N. Platte NE 2011 5 times, Rayne Louisiana 2011 , Hopkinsville Kentucky 2011 , key west florida 2011 3 times ...

So weather hits near the radars that are detecting weather from time to time and this proved that the weather radars are controlling the weather? Given that there are 160 NEXRAD units in the CONUS this is a very low hit rate. What of the 99% of tornados that occur somewhere besides at the airport or across the radar? This is a fantastic illustration of his use of confirmation bias. (and several of his claimed "direct" hits were not even really severe weather or at the radar site, such as his Key West claim).

Are they going to start demanding that NEXRAD be shut down?

Oh. And his Key West claim of three direct hits? Here's an example of that.

Key West radar fed test mode into the mosaic during a single frame of the radar loop in the course of rebooting. Dutch claimed that severe weather would hit the center of the ring. Key west was not hit. Storm reports confirmed the lack of a hit. That MCS did generate severe weather up near Cape Coral on the periphery of the ring. Again, storm reports and critique of his radar analysis resulted in massive deletion.

Tampa? I live a couple counties over and have friends in Pinellas and Hillsboro Counties (Tampa/St. Pete metro area). Don't recollect any storm that exceeded the norm of what we experience here in the lightning capital of the US. Our average storm frequency in the wet season is 40%, that is 1 per 2.5 days on average and the typical storm has torrential rain and a lot of lightning. Hail is not uncommon when H500 temps are -12C to -14C. With those storms come downburst winds that occassional push a storm into "severe" status. This is simply life in central Florida. Oh, and close to the coast where seabreeze circulation might be in opposition to winds aloft, pulse type severe storms can generate short lived tornados of the EF0 EF1 intensity on pretty much any given day. Typical that manifests as a landfalling waterspout. These will knock down a screen enclosure or two and then dissiapate.

Outside of our wet season we have a severe weather season that generally stretches from December to March that is associated with frontal systems since that is the season when vigorous fronts actually make it down here. In El Nino conditions when the southern jet stream is particularly strong we are prone to the strong long track tornadoes in the middle of winter associated with vigorous cyclogensis of forming over the deep south. On groundhogs day 2007 an EF3 crossed my house on a track from Lady Lake in Lake County to the New Smyrna Beach area. That was the worst tornado of the outbreak that night. It occurred about as far from the National Weather Service NEXRAD radars at JAX, TPA, and MLB as you can get, nearly equidistant from all three. And I'm glad we've got NEXRAD with overlapping coverage because I booted up the MLB radar about 30 minutes before the tornado hit and saw a clear couplet embedded in a right mover. It was yin/yang on radar and making a b-line for my house. I pegged the ETA at 25-35 minutes and got in the closet at the 25 minute mark about the time the power when out and debris started to hit the roof. I really hope his ignorant dupes don't start harassing NWS offices. I find the NWS products quite useful.
Here's the latest vid where he claims to have predicted severe weather that never actually happened.

4/4/2012 -- Norfolk, VA -- possible Tornados and large hail = HAARP ring forecast

As if yesterdays Texas , Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi confirmations were not enough... today we see DEAD CENTER .. Norfolk Virginia .. one of towns named TWO DAYS AGO in a non-tornado prone area ... today is receiving a series of storms producing hail, damaging winds, and possible tornadoes .

Problem is, the weather in Norfolk on 4/4/12 was nothing like that. In fact it was quite pleasant until some rain came later in the afternoon.

One of the comments on that vid:

That is nothing are you serious?!? Look at it. It is nothing significant!!! Just some heavy rain. No reports of ANYTHING severe about it! Stop using Intellicast!!! It's a terrible radar and is very often incorrect.
FunnyHalo3Production 7 minutes ago in playlist Uploaded videos

Nothing whatsoever near the Norfolk area in the SPC storm reports.

Nor does the local weather underground station history indicate any sort of severe weather.

No reports of hail, damaging winds, or tornadoes. Dutch is simply using a seriously flawed, free internet weather service to perpetuate his "shell game".
He is operating pretty much like a psychic medium that uses "cold reading" to practice his scam. He casts a wide net and relies heavily on confirmation bias to claim success. His first tactic is to name numerous locations over a very wide area e.g. "Texas , Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi " and his actual prediction names more states than that. This is like a medium casting out a littany of common names and ailments and waiting for one of his marks to perk up confirming a "hit". He and his marks will then focus on that "hit", however vague, and ignore the 8 misses. If SPC has a multi-state region in a 25% risk of severe weather and he names 5-10 locations, odds are there will be storms near a few of his locations. If he gets 2 out 10 as hits, his believers will forget/ignore the 8 misses. Since his "rings" have the dimensions of the 124 nautical mile and 248 nautical mile radii of overlapping NEXRAD stations, any storm that occurs will be in a "ring". He uses this to shoehorn storm locations to fit his forecast. He says in his predictions that the center of the ring is the target but he's happy to claim a direct hit if a storm occurs somewhere in the general vicinity. Furthermore, he will declare severe weather even if none is actually indicated on the radar or by storm spotters. Glitchy Intellicast is very helpful in that regard.
That Norfolk hit is an absolute joke and a good example of how loose are his standards of evidence.

He has rings showing at about the 30 second mark that are centered on the Dover and PHI/Mount Holly NEXRAD stations (with the rings being errors in the mosaic at the edge of the sweep radius of the given radars). Norfolk is at the far edge of the coverage of the Dover radar. So not only did severe weather not occur in Norfolk, Norfolk wasn't in his ring centers. The storms that were occurring that he showed at about the 1:27 mark were along and south of the NC/VA border. At the 1:34 mark he was pointing at a cell with his cursor. That cell was over Northhampton County, North Carolina. None of the storms was out of the ordinary for April in that region.
Spot on analysis, scombrid.

One of the comments provides some ground truth from somebody who lives in Norfolk verifying there were no storms there.

LOL! Bullshit. I am in Norfolk and we only recieved 20 mins of rain today. No hail No tornadoes and less than a half inch of rain. The area you reference is a good 80+ miles from us and as you know outside your April 2nd forecasted area Dutch.
feud1111 12 hours ago

According to the weather underground station, downtown Norfolk received a total of .09'' of rain and a wind gust of 20 mph on 4/4/12.

He also claims the "south area" was "getting hit" on 4/4

Here is the full HAARP ring forecast from two days ago -- while texas was a hit overall yesterday.. the south area we were expecting to be impacted is getting hit today as well.

I don't have time to watch his tripe right now but according to the SPC storm report for 4/4 there were some scattered reports of hail along the TX coast in the Galveston area, and along a N/S swath through LA near the MS state line and up into central AR. There was one town in LA that reported some isolated, minor wind damage. All in all a pretty calm day of spring weather throughout the country. Yet he boasts of successful predictions? peh.
Well he has deleted all references to the Norfolk storms not occurring over Norfolk or withing the "ring" areas that were centered on PHI/Mt. Holly and Dover, DE NEXRAD stations. Futhermore he has gone on to assert that they are using ground based heaters to heat chemtrails to create weather.
they CREATE an artificial IONOSPHERE using the spray.. then they HEAT that up at low levels which gives us our weather control.. we're not talking 70km.. were talking just a few km or less.. and don't say its "not possible" because it can be done anywhere from earths core to the upper ionosphere and beyond.certainly atmosphere a few thousand feet near the surface..See any of the papers on the tiltable AIM to find out more..please explain the TILTABLE ARTIFICIAL IONOSPHERIC MIRROR that they make in the ATMOSPHERE (which includes the troposphere of course but goes as far down as a few thousand feet)... and please explain why they spray particulate matter at 30k feet or less sometimes to aid in this mirror that is HEATED FROM GROUND BASED HEATERS USING HIGH RF... thats what we're talking about here
Where do you even start? It's barely coherent. Earth's core to the upper ionosphere? Creating an Ionospheric mirror within the troposhere (with the troposphere apparently only going as far down as a few thousand feet)? WTF?
Well he has deleted all references to the Norfolk storms not occurring over Norfolk or withing the "ring" areas that were centered on PHI/Mt. Holly and Dover, DE NEXRAD stations. Futhermore he has gone on to assert that they are using ground based heaters to heat chemtrails to create weather.

In THIS vid, he claims a pulse is sent along magnetic field lines that reverberate/bounce back and forth for a few days between the north pole and the area of intended weather mod.

Where do you even start? It's barely coherent. Earth's core to the upper ionosphere? Creating an Ionospheric mirror within the troposhere (with the troposphere apparently only going as far down as a few thousand feet)? WTF?


Now he's claiming to have predicted the severe weather/tornadoes in west central TX yesterday, 4/7. Vid HERE
Pretty much the same scenario as Norfolk. Of course completely ignoring the fact that there was no severe weather outside of TX on 4/7, except for one report of smallish hail in NE Oklahoma.
In the video where he made the "prediction" for TX, HERE, as he normally does, casts a wide net making severe weather predictions for not just TX but for LA, OK, AR, MO, KS, NE and ND as well...singling out San Antonio, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Springfield and Kansas City MO, Fargo and Grand Forks ND. He predicts severe weather to hit the "epicenter" of the rings at those locations. The only part of the country that received severe weather, including hail and a handful of weak isolated tornadoes was in west central Texas, over 200 miles west of all the "epicenters" he specifically identified in Texas. As usual, dutch is simply lying about making a successful "prediction". SPC storm report for 4/7 HERE.

The NWS, again, was on top of the forecast long before dutch made his failed "haarp ring forecast".
From the Midland/Odessa TX NWS forecast released Friday 4/6 at 6:00am CDT

He even notices how those radar anomalies were only showing up on the Accuweather Pro map and not on other providers maps. No kiddin'...that's because those "haarp rings", etc. are just clutter and other well known radar anomalies, and different radar display providers each use their own filtering software so some are more "noisy" than others. It's sad and pathetic that so many of his followers think he's some kind of gifted meteorologist, even worse that they donate to that hustler. Peh..."Mackerel scales and mares tails, make lofty ships carry low sails" is more accurate than dutcharlatan. And the atmospheric conditions ahead of an approaching weather front that inspired that rhyme, are what causes persistent contrails and contributes to radar clutter too.

Confirmation bias lets him claim success when one of eight states in his prediction recieved marginally severe thunderstorms. Shoehorning lets him claim that marginally severe thunderstorms that occurred well outside a ring center were direct hits. These are classic tactics of "psychic" scammers so I guess it works regardless of the predictions.
..."Mackerel scales and mares tails, make lofty ships carry low sails" is more accurate than dutcharlatan. And the atmospheric conditions ahead of an approaching weather front that inspired that rhyme, are what causes persistent contrails and contributes to radar clutter too.
That's the beauty of the merger of the chemtrail and HAARP conspiracy theories. There is a correllation between what they call "chem clouds (any cirrus) and HAARP clouds (altocumulus among others)" and subsequent weather. The difficult task is getting them to understand that those cloud types have existed as long as we've been viewing clouds in an attempt to predict the weather, hence the old rhymes. I guess another step would be getting them to understand that "different radar systems" are not independing sensing weather but are displaying the same data. I don't know how to do this. I've pointed them to the National Weather Service Radar Operations Center which has great tutorials on how radar works and a great newletter that often covers issues like EMI interference from communications towers, wind farm interference, filtering of ground clutter, etc.... It also provides the locations of all the radars (people like Waronerrordkos seem fascinated with trying to visually locate the radars on google earth then the locations are freely available). I've pointed them to Weather Underground's page which has links to individual radar data from the NEXRAD network and from independent radars such as at some major airports like MCO. But they just call me a disinfo-agent and insist that ROC is a government scam/hoax etc...
My only question would be "I wonder who's payroll some of the seemingly intelligent disinfo agents here are on"?
Well I have a job, which pays me for doing stuff other than debunking chemtrails - and I sometimes post during breaks or after work there......and for some breaks I am technically getting paid. If that is evilness incarnate then I need to grow a tail & horns...& pass me that flaming trident will ya! :D
Conspiracy proponents seem to have a hard time accepting that debunkers may be as passionate as they are themselves.
They think they are saving the world, fighting an unimaginable evil, whereas we debunkers are far less noble in their eyes.

It's an interesting and valuable exercise to try to get into their mindset.
The guy that is making numerous videos per day is likely making money from his activity, otherwise he wouldn't have time to put out so many videos. You have to wonder who is seeking to supply accurate information when you have someone that deletes all comments to his videos that provide contradictory information such has occurred with Dutchsinse's plume vids in March. When people started supplying prescribed fire reports from numerous agencies confirming upwards of 200 controlled burns across the region on which Dutch was focused on the days in which he made plume vids (including lat/lon that matched the locations of the plumes on visible satellite), he deleted all of the comments to those videos and banned people that provided the information. He never ground-truthed his claims or acknowledged the burn reports and eye-witness accounts of fires.
yeah he banned me pretty quick. He did not like that I pointed out there are several Forest Service firefighting facilities in that area, and that fires definitely occur there.
My only question would be "I wonder who's payroll some of the seemingly intelligent disinfo agents here are on"?

THAT'S your only question??!!
Not, 'why does this guy so obviously lie and manipulate facts to create a compelling sinister scenario, and why do we all eat it up'?

How is verifiable, backed up evidence that refutes the claims of someone who lacks possession of such, dis-info?
Isn't he the dis-info spreader?

Why would you lie to yourself like that?

Is there some kind of emotional payoff? Do you get a seratonin hit similar to the rush felt by a heroin addict when you believe in things that are clearly false as long as it gives you the illusion of being in some kind of cosmic battle on the side of the resistance?
To think that sinister agents are staging an operation against your knowledge of What's Really Happening (TM) must make you feel pretty special.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Prescribed Fire Activity:
State and Federal lands – 9 prescribed fires for 3,070 acres burned in MS and SC.

Little prescribed fire activity in the southern region means few "plumes" so no plume vids. The season for prescribed burning is coming to a close in the region as the growing season gets underway and some agencies are now dealing with wildfires such as the County Line Fire in Florida and several sizable fires in mountains of Virginia.
I was just hoping to catch him promoting a plume that would have been a fire that I may have flown on. He is too smart though to use an fire from the news though, as a plume.
He did use a big controlled fire in Appalachicola National Forest that happened to make the news in Tallahassee because of smoke management problems. But that was one of many on the day.

Oh and on the topic of this thread, contrast this recent video of his with the actual storm reports. He's claiming 'hits' where severe weather simply did not occur.

4/16/2012 -- Midwest storms developing KS CO OK -- also TX, LA, MS, AL, FL, GA, SC, NC, VA
edit: can't get the image to load for some reason.


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I personally am convinced that HAARP use IS capable of affecting weather and is responsible for other phenomena as well, such as the booms heard and felt in various areas of the country. HAARP creates an area of the ionosphere that is heated to plasma, causing a "bulge" in the atmosphere upward, pulling lower air up with it. This can be accomplished almost instantaneously with a powerful burst of energy. Beaming zillions of watts of energy into specific areas of the atmosphere is bound to have SOME effect! But as you have been telling everyone, ground-based radar facilities operate at much lower altitude, lower power and at a different frequency than HAARP and in no way affect, let alone CAUSE, the weather as DutchSinse claims. HAARP low frequency waves are also capable of ground and water penetration and are used to detect - and communicate with - submarines. I am MUCH more concerned about the possible effects of HAARP on LIFE on the planet - including humans! I know how to get in out of bad weather - how do I get away from HAARP?

Wilmington, NC
The thing about the ionosphere that HAARP heats is that it's literally about 1/2,200,000 the density of the regular atmosphere. It's not so much gas, and more a few random atoms and a few more electrons flying around per cubic meter. Even the concept of temperature becomes somewhat meaningless. It can be above 100C, yet would feel cold, as it's nearly a vacuum. Heating the ionosphere just makes the lonely atoms and electrons fly around a bit faster.

Yes, it raises it up at bit, bulges it out a bit, but it's not going to pull the lower atmosphere with it, or at least only by a million of the amount. The normal solar activity has vastly more effect.
So on Sunday 4:22 at 12:59 AM CDT he put out the following "forecast":

4/22/2012 -- Circle sweep, Scalar Squares, Sawtooths = (72hr) CA OR WA ID CO TX MN WI GA FL

Full website post here with the screenshots of each event. Watch over the next approx. 2-3 days for possible severe weather development to hit each area epicenter or VERY close (within 50 miles usually).

None of it verified. Weather has been spectacular here in FL and in the are of Georgia that he outlined. He is claiming success in Wisconsin. SPC reports indicate that weather has been benign for the most part.

His prediction of (within 50 miles of the ring center) is pretty specific but I've never seen him actually systematically measure a 50 mile radius around the "ring" centers. Heck, he claimed that weather in Northhampton County North Carolina was cause by a ring out of the Dover DE NEXRAD. In the case of this prediction he missed by so much that we in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia have been under a big dry high pressure with no clouds for the last three days. He's "poofing" comments on that video so I assume he is getting some criticism and deleting it. He's also claiming success in today's video:
So far, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico into Texas --- all have received damaging winds, or hail (or both) associated with this storm. All the aforementioned received high frequency flashes on April 22nd 2012 (linked at the above website post).

Compare his claims to the actual SPC reports. Anything within 50 miles of his ring centers? The areas he circles with the cursor on the map in his video "confirmation" cover entire states, not 50 mile radii around NEXRAD sites. Any really widespread outbreaks? How about areas that have been under completely clear skies for the last three days?

Now he's making this claim:

4/26/2012 -- No NWS warnings for WV, VA, OH, NC, SC.. BE ALERT = tornadoes, hail, damaging winds

He's claiming that the NWS is failing to identify severe weather or possibly deliberately fail to warn people about severe weather. Fact is, none of the storms reached criteria to be classified as severe. Some were "strong" but the criteria for issuing a severe thunderstorm warning is pretty specific and those criteria were not met.

Also, no tornadoes occurred or were detected by radar. TITAN mis-identified that storm.
I've gotten so beyond annoyed with Dutch I can hardly speak. I have been suggesting that people google "NEXRAD hoax", click through all the links and think about how the same story Dutch is telling now was told and debunked 10 years ago. His response? He asked how the stories can be that old because they didn't start until 2008 and implying I would not research "HAARP ring confirmation". The first is just laughable. The second? It produced a lot of hits.....all of which led directly back to him. Imagine the mindset that thinks his own "work" is confirmation of his theories. Ah, the wonder of an education grounded in YouTube.
He could do a systematic test of his "theories" by actually pin-pointing the ring centers and drawing a radius around those and seeing if there is a correllation between the ring centers. This should be a simple enough excercise. He has acknowledged that NEXRAD stations are the ring centers, even has adjusted his theory to claim that the NEXRAD stations are part of the weather mod system. He also specifically stated to look "2-3 days for possible severe weather development to hit each area epicenter or VERY close (within 50 miles usually)." Draw the 50 mile radii and then do some spatial analysis in ArcGIS on subsequent occurrance of weather. (I think he knows as well as we do what the result would be).

We see without doing detailed analysis that he fails to meet the "each" level of confirmation as he often identifies 5-10 entire states with severe weather failing to manifest over the majority of his predicted areas. There is no correllation between his ring locations and weather (otherwise living near a NWS office or an airport equipped with NEXRAD would be dangerous). He still claims confirmation without doing any real measurements for significance testing. As referenced already in this thread, earlier this month he predicted severe weather to hit within the sweep of the Dover DE circle. The nearest severe weather occurred in Northhampton County, NC. He claims a "direct hit on Norfolk, VA" from that one even though the storm didn't hit Norfolk and Norfolk is a good bit further than 50 miles from Dover, DE. He has deleted the comments to that video because he got too much negative feedback. Simple enough Dutch, draw your 50 mile radii around the ring centers and then overlay the storm reports (That's another trick of his though; He uses Intellicast's buggy TITAN to claim that severe weather is occurring where none is and then accuses NWS of failing to report and warn of the severe weather as in the video linked a couple of post above this. He and his viewers do not understand that severe thunderstorms are classified by set criteria...).

He doesn't test because he knows he is wrong. For example, he still claims that the smoke from controlled fires was really volcanic plumes even though he was provided with burn reports and eye witness accounts (including from his loyal subscribers). Instead of correcting himself and his videos on the topic, he just deleted ALL comments and left the videos to stand as is. His confirmation that the 7.9 earthquake in Mexico was man-made because their was and earthquake drill at the epicenter the day of the quake. That is a false confirmation. Cities in that region hold monthly drills. It is likely that an earthquake will occur when one of the cities is having a drill. The quake epicenter wasn't at the city holding the drill either. It appears that he actively avoids factual research and actively deletes any fact checking of his claims presented by viewers of his videos. I wonder why?