Debunked: FEMA Coffins (plastic grave liners)


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Nice try.... The patent for these coffins confirms that they are meant for the burial or cremation of bodies exposed to infectious diseases. You can read the patent here:
I'm not sure what a patent on a manufactured product is supposed to prove. We all know burial liners and cremation containers exist and that manufactured items have patents. What makes this patent more nefarious than any of the other patents for similar products that are cited? Have you bothered to search the patent data base for products similar to this and seen the number that exist or are you just going by what you read on the internet. Jason at Scribd just seems to be repeating what he was told and whoever the original poster of this information is doesn't seem to have done their research very well.

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There's also the domed top of the burial liner. The coffin in the patent Doob posted is flat with the lid at the top, sensible to allow easy access to the contents and to help stacking when full. If the burial liner was to be used for a body the rounded shape with a much smaller flat area wouldn't make much sense for stacking, and even less sense if it were actually the "bottom". The only real point I can see to that shape is if it's intended to contain something that itself had a rounded top, like a coffin.

Unless it's for an extremely rotund giant.

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I've always thought they were for burial crypt lining myself being I have a little experience with that back ground.

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I'd like to know if anyone above came up with a "reasonable" answer as to why these vaults were moved shortly after being discovered, if there's nothing to out of the ordinary? It happened pretty quickly, I understand!

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I'd like to know if anyone above came up with a "reasonable" answer as to why these vaults were moved shortly after being discovered, if there's nothing to out of the ordinary? It happened pretty quickly, I understand!
The lease expired after a couple of years, so they moved them.


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I'd like to know if anyone above came up with a "reasonable" answer as to why these vaults were moved shortly after being discovered, if there's nothing to out of the ordinary? It happened pretty quickly, I understand!
You mean the secret vaults that were stored in the open where everyone could see them. In addition to the lease they also now had to worry about the legal liabilities that come from people injuring themselves while sneaking onto the property to quote/unquote expose the truth. Thanks to the internet these things are now what is known as an attractive nuisance. This means that even if the injured party is trespassing the company and possibly the property owner could find themselves legally responsible for the trespasser's injuries. This kind of situation is a problem from an insurance underwriting standpoint. By moving the liners they remove the temptation for people to come onto their property and control their insurance expenses.


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The only explanation I can imagine is 'they do a whole year production run and then mothball the machines and lay off the employees'.
or maybe do a whole years production and then switch to another product... wheely bins, stack and stores, anything else that can be made out of molded plastic.

My very first job out of school was as an office clerk in an engineering company that made small components, screws, washers etc; my job was to allocate production batches to individual machines. It was standard practice to run off x amount of bolts and then re tool the machine to do y amount of washers.


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There was the argument that no other countries use these coffin vaults.

I’m from Germany and the reason we don’t use these things for example is that our cemetery’s are different from the us ones.
We simply have a space problem. Here you rent a space, at the graveyard for a certain time(average about 25 years, differs from place to place, depending on the soil)
After the time is up, you can prolong the time if you want to but if you don’t do this, the groundkeeper will take the stone and plants and everything away and after a certain time the side is rented to someone else.
We bury our people in the coffin and the coffin is directly put into the soil. Everything Rots as it should and after the required time most of the buried stuff(coffin, corpse)
has turned to soil itself. A coffin vault would prevent the rotting, so there is no use for it here in germany and therefore it’s unknown.

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There was the argument that no other countries use these coffin vaults.
Not a good argument, for reasons you describe, but also because other countries DO use them. The first one I checked at random was Australia:
I'd never heard of them in the UK, but:


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I remember seeing this on that Jesse Venture show when I was about 12 and being really scared by it. If only I had done the research back then.
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