Debunked: dead dolphins with ischemic lungs therefore fukushima did it



any evidence to debunk this?

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Pete Tar

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Please include all relevant information to the claim in your post.
Before you ask 'any evidence to debunk this', what is the evidence *for* this?


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Well, the source is not really credible. It seems that every poor source from Godlike, to BIN to NN to RT are carrying the story.

It seems that the lungs showed signs of ischemia, blood loss and those sites want to link it to radiation. The links to radiation seem to be fairly flimsy


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Alarm Bells:

- yournewswire titles the article "...found with radiated lungs". The research team quoted makes no mention that radiation levels were detected or even measured. Geiger counters are pretty common as are other radiation monitoring devices, they should be readily available by scientists. So the author is just fabricated stuff.

- approx 170 dolphins washed up. Only 17 were examined, and "most" of them had white lungs. How many is most? If they can say they examined 17 animals, how come they don't say how many had white lungs?

- your newswire doesn't reference the original story, but enenews. Enenews also does not reference the original story. The best I can find at fukusima diary is two Japanese written posts (here) and (here) which I can't get to translate any where near what is referenced in the yournewsire article. If a news story doesn't provide real references it is very hard to believe let alone verify.

- your newswire says the dolphins were found beached in fukusima, when they were actually found in Ibaraki, 50 miles from the Fukushima disaster area border, and therefore even further from the actual disaster site. Now while radiation contamination can obviously spread, why would the website lie/mistruth this easily verifiable fact? (source here, surprisingly a different enenews article)

- large volumes of sea animal die off's are not uncommon and have happened many times before Fukushima. This catalogue of notable examples by Scientific America links such die offs to deep sea oil exploration which use acoustic sounding air guns

- ischemia is a real thing, but I haven't been able to find much about ischemia and its effects on lungs. Closest I could find is a rabbit lung photo which was suffering from ischemia, but it is not white, almost its normal pink. Hidden behind spoiler for those who may be squeamish.

Would very much like to see the original article/piece.


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After tracing the image on Google, I seem to have come back to this article:
No mention of lung issues.

with this series of follow ups:
Dead dolphins being buried, no mention of physical examination
Superstitions about mass beachings preceding earthquakes

Only 3 appear to have survived, this is not the fist mass beaching of this species of dolphin in the area, in 2011 a pod of 50 melon head wales (the same species involved here) beached themselves nearby. Examination of 34 (not 17) of the dead dolphins has yet to yield a physical cause of the beaching.

Searches on Japan Times gives no articles about the Ibaraki dolphins that mention lungs. The last articles that had the words dolphin or dolphins and lung or lungs was a February article about dolphins exposed to the BP oil spill suffering from lung disease and tooth loss.
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