Debunked: Alex Jones claims kids '[walking around firehouse] with hands up' in Megan Kelly interview


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But then what do you do, when they’ve got the kids going in circles, in and out of the building with their hands up? I’ve watched the footage. And it looks like a drill." <Alex Jones>

timestamp 10:20 [/BUNK]

Megan Kelly's current edited interview forgot to debunk or address this claim, effectively giving Jones a platform to spread bunk/lies unchecked.

1. There were NO students seen outside the firehouse. In fact most hoaxers point to this fact to 'prove' the hoax theory. The students were taken directly INTO the firehouse for their safety, where they remained until they were released with parents.

"As all of this was unfolding, parents and loved ones began to show up at the Sandy Hook Firehouse. The students were separated from the general public in the rear room of the firehouse and parents were becoming extremely agitated at the fact that they were separated from them."
<Officer Fuchs Redding Police Department>
PDF attached, from State Investigation report
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The people 'walking in circles' were all adults. None of which had their hands up. see HD hoaxer looped footage here:

2. No students had their hands up at any time. Alex Jones must be conflating Sandy Hook with other school shootings in high schools and colleges, where indeed students are often required to keep their hand up when evacuating. But Sandy Hook was preschool- 4th grade. Here are a few photos of students evacuating.



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I just do not get how anyone can say that an event is a drill just because it looks like a drill.

Is that not a bit like believing the world cup final, attended by tens of thousands and watched by millions more, was just a training match and not a real game, simply because a commentator may have said the move that lead to the winning goal looked straight from the training ground?

But it does not really matter does it, as the rest of your post showed, it appears he may have not drilled himself well enough on the subject, or, talking about the wrong event completely