Debunked: 10 Signs The Global Elite Are Losing Control


Found on Facebook:

A lot of this isn't really debunkable, but I'll try to go through each claim.

An internal link goes to a page that basically says that the people, not TPTB must create a NWO based not on tyrrany, but

on some sort of "council of elders representing all races and ethnicities who would work solely in the best interests of

humanity." Nothing to debunk, no evidence of the actual claim is presented.

Clearly false. Nobody remembers the Bush years?

The poll I think they're referencing actually shows the percent of people who trust newspapers and TV news "a great deal" or "quite a lot." This number is 23% for both. It does not include those who answered "some," and the question of mistrust was not actually asked.

A later poll that asked about mass media in general showed that 44% trusted "a great deal" or a "fair amount" while 55% trusted "not very much" and "not at all."

Thus, claim 3 is bunk.

Nothing much to debunk. As far as I can tell, the same government that brought in the IMF is in charge, and some opposition candidates are calling for prosecution. This does not mean that Hungary "is considering pursuing prosecution of past prime ministers who enslaved the people with debt."

Not debunkable, this is all conjecture.

No evidence of "mutiny" presented, can't debunk. Here's a (very short) list of notable US military dissenters. All about Iraq, so certainly not recent.

So....the increased tyranny is evidence that tyranny is nearly done for? Ok... At any rate, aside from blogs, the only articles I found say that the DEA was sharing info with NSA and IRS, among others, not the other way around.

The first two examples are parts of states considering secession from their states, not the US. The CA one has some steam, it's unlikely to ever make it via initiative or legislation, though, as SoCal vastly outnumbers them.

The Colorado "movement" appears to have no steam.

The Spanish Catalan secession movement has plenty of steam, and Spain has a hell of a history, so it wouldn't be exactly shocking.

Scotland's secession seems touch and go:

No evidence is presented here that GMO are dangerous. The only claim is that some people don't like them. This is true, sadly mostly due to lots of disinfo from sites like naturalnews.

No debunkable claims here, just conjecture and woo-like statements not supported by any evidence. Yes, legalization has happened, maybe it will be nationwide. Yes, lots and lots and lots of money has been spent in the War on Drugs®. Uruguay (a nation of 13 million) legalizing marijuana is hardly a sign of a coming "global reversal."

My first try at a full debunk, please feel free to add, subtract, and correct.

Melbury's Brick

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Well this is great news. If the "elite" is no longer in control, maybe the ct will stop bashing on about it! (Although they do seem keen on taking the credit for the break up of this "Illuminati" don"t they?)


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Of anything, this just serves some sort of self-congratulatory feeling that some conspiracy theorists need to fulfill themselves with. They want to be THAT guy. Jim Norton said it best when he basically exclaimed that conspiracy theorists want to be seen as the guy who takes charge. When people ask about what the conspiracy theorist is up to, they want other people to basically say "haven't you heard?! He's the guy who solved it!" The person who typed this up probably, in their minds, viewed their actions as contributing to some sort of weakening of the alleged Illuminati. They were the one to do it and with YOUR help, they can bring it down completely! *yawn*

Andrew Buckley

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Number 10 (marijuana) is a dubious claim. While it is true that legalisation does seem to be the way we're going (finally...), some commentators posit that this is because the "globalists" have decided "Now is the time". See the "Libertarians" gearing up to make a buck over at The Daily Bell, for example. Whilst there clearly are some globalist forces, it seems a bit paranoid to attribute all changes in public opinion to their demise/machinations. At least with marijuana, I think people have just become overexposed to the endless horror stories of non-violent incarceration, coupled with the prohibitive size of a rock you'd need to be living under to still consider it a "very dangerous drug."

Pete Tar

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Sounds like hippie over-idealisation of the potential of weed to change the world and open everyone's minds - if weed is free that means the unshackling of our minds is just around the corner.
I doubt pot becoming a social lubricant accepted on the same level as alcohol will change things too radically, though it might have some positives. More stoner movies and television for one.

My first try at a full debunk, please feel free to add, subtract, and correct.
I prefer a more sweeping approach. The claims seems to be that A) We are seeing unusual levels of resistance to authority. and an unspoken assumption B) that an unusual or unnatural level of authority has been oppressing the people but is finally being challenged. To that I would reply A) Three centuries of regular revolutions and reform movements have made us more aware of Authority systems and more suspicious of tyranny than earlier peoples were and B) we tend to challenge (restrain) authority when we become confident in ruling ourselves.
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