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Jay Reynolds

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Last week I made several comments at Kimberly Hartke's blog where she published an article on chemtrails by John Hammell. John runs IAHF, and sells sulfur. He is a promoter for Michael Murphy, Clifford Carnicom and Dane Wigington, as well as for his commercial interest selling sulfur which he says can protect you from chemtrails.

My comments were all deleted by Hartke, and I wrote one email response. In his reply, below, he claims that I will not engage in debate with either him or Dane Wigington, so here is the chance for Hammell, and if Wigington wants to go first or second, fine with me.

I am challenging John Hammell t an open honest debate over chemtrails. We can discuss the rules for the debate if he wishes, or he can go forward first with his own proposiion if he likes. The floor is open, though I doubt that either Dane Wigington or John Hammel will respond, this formalizes and records the challenge. If they refuse, it is because they have chosen to avoid open debate once again.

Here is the Email:
Jay Reyolds said:
What happened at your blog was that I showed, using fact and logic,
1. -the chemtrails hoax has no foundation whatsoever
John Hammell said:
You haven't done this. All you have done is you've proven yourself to be an insane narcissist, an internet stalker who is incapable of employing any honesty or logic in your thought process. Dane Wigington tells us that you do not engage in honest, open debates and I have seen this myself. He has washed his hands of you and won't allow you to waste any more of his time. I won't either. Don't bother responding to this. If you respond, I will delete any email you send, unread.
Jay Reynolds said:
2. -on your blog, discussing opposing views which show that a member of WAPF is profiting from a hoax is not tolerated
John Hammell said:
Chemtrails are not a "hoax". I've supplied an abundance of evidence to prove their reality. You have not been able to refute any of it. You are the person attempting to engage in spin, not me.
Jay Reynolds said:
3. -name calling and defamation are fair game for use on your blog by WAPF members
John Hammell said:
I have not engaged in "defamation." You are a narcissist, and a stalker. Your comments have no basis in fact.
Jay Reynolds said:
4. -John Hammell sells zeolite containing aluminum oxide while telling people that aluminum oxide is toxic (it isn't). He has a financial motive for his promotion of the chemtrails hoax.
I stand corrected, John Hammell does not sell zeolite.
John Hammell said:
I don't sell zeolite and have never said I did. I recommend it though because it chelates heavy metals from the body. So does sulfur. I do sell sulfur (MSM). Chemtrails are not a "hoax" any fool can see that from the government's own patents pertaining to weather modification especially this one Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming,003,186.PN.&OS=PN/5,003,186&RS=PN/5,003,186
In this patent we see that we are being sprayed with aluminum oxide. In geoengineering conferences that were attended by Michael Murphy and others they admitted they were spraying us with billions of pounds of aerosols. This is altering the ph of the soil to make is so alkaline that Monsanto has patented an aluminum resistant seed that will germinate despite all the aluminum being sprayed on our soil
I defy you tell me this is a "hoax" : watch this video footage shot by the pilot of a Fedex aircraft of two US Air Force KC 135 Tanker planes spraying chemtrails in his airspace that he almost collided with because chemtrail planes don't file flight plans with FAA Air Traffice controllers:
Jay Reynolds said:
Either you are embarrassed or John Hammell has a hold on you which is stronger than your committment to free and open factual discusion. You should be ashamed either way, but what you really need to know is that many people ARE IN GREAT DANGER from chemtrails.
John Hammell said:
You have proven yourself to be incapable of honest, open discussion. All you are interested in is doing spin against the truth. Now get lost.
Jay Reynolds said:
No, chemtrails are still a hoax, but because of the successful propaganda campaign by people like John Hammell, threats to shoot down ordinary commercial airliners and to kill, blind and stab pilots and scientists are rapidly increasing in number. Several people have been keeping a tally of these threats, and we have now archived hundreds. Dane Wigington is involved with a fundrasing effort at which the subject of shooting at planes was discussed, he said, "We all feel that way."
Ask him about it, I doubt he would deny it, there were many witnesses who heard it, and the FBI has been informed about what was said.
Jay Reynolds said:
This shows the effect of falsely telling people that their families are being intentionally poisoned with the intent to kill. The terms Genocide, Crime Against Humanity and Holocaust are being used. These are strong words. These words should not be used lightly in a world where Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaszinski's exist. You need to carefully think about what our association with chemtrails really means should some nutjob go on a rampage, which seems inevitable if folks like John Hammell are not confronted with the facts or willing to discuss them. You have a choice to make. Hopefully you will follow the links in my postings and try to understand what you are involved with. This goes for you too, John Hammell. If you are unable to understand why you are so wrong, you need to ask yourself why. You need to find out where you went wrong, and correct it,
because some day someone's life might be in real danger because of what you have written.
Jay Reynolds
John Hammell said:
Jay- You are clearly one piece short of a loaf. Kimberly Hartke's blog is her domain. She can choose to boot anyone from it she chooses just as she could throw you out of her house if she chose to do that. No amount of evidence will convince you of anything, and you are not interested in an honest, open debate. Chemtrails are indeed genocide. They are indeed a crime against humanity, and they must be stopped. I am not "wrong" to provide the information I provide as a public service. I have a double opt in email distribution list that people sign onto on their own free will. My sulfur customers buy sulfur on their own free will, in fact, they frequently re-order because they like the energy they get from flooding their cells with oxygen and from removing wastes including the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us by chemtrails.
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Jay Reynolds

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Here are my comments which were deemed to be in violation of the comment policy:
You were flogging the chemtrails hoax 13 years ago back in 1999, when you sent out emails claiming that hospitals were jammed due to contrails which were spraying of Ethylene dibromide from military jet tankers. see:
I see you have dropped that claim. Good idea. That came from the inception of the chemtrails hoax by Aryan Nations member Larry Wayne Harris. see:
No need to listen to a two hour speech by Dane Wigington.
Watch this 2 minute video and learn abut his ost significant contributions to chemtrail science:
William Thomas first claimed to have a lab analysis showing ethylene dibromide was a component of jet fuel. That was never shown. He then claimed to have hundreds of photos clearly showing KC135 military tankers spraying from a single tailboom. Those pictures were never shown. He then said he had more lab analyses, none of those were ever shown.Then he said he had air traffic controllers who would reveal chemtrails information.

All of this was before 2002. It has been ten years and none of those have ever come true. Is this your idea of a man with “immense credibility”?
On one hand you tell us that aluminum oxide is toxic, yet on the other hand you suggest the use of zeolite which contains 10% aluminum oxide. When are you going to get your story straight?
Did you even look at the foundation behind this lawsuit?
The people who started it misread their lab reports, they all had normal barium blood levels. see:
The attorney hired for that lawsuit had already taken Michael J. Murphy to the cleaners with another lawsuit back in 2011. The lawsuit eventally petered out as factions argued over the lack of evidence and though they had claimed 1700 members, only $500 was collected. Eventually, the founder, Al Dicicco filed acomplaint against the attorney, who never actually filed any case in court. Why would you keep trying to attract people to this doomed to fail and failed to file lawsuit, John?
Kimberley, It is very sad to me to see this sort of misinformation being put forth about the chemtrails hoax. There is so much wrong with the article that several could be written just to explain all the problems here.

To begin with, Dane Wigington is not nor has he ever been an engineer at Bechtel or anywhere else. Thirty years ago he worked as an electrician on a job run by Bechtel. He has no formal degree at all, in anything.

That said, he and others in the Mt. Shasta/northern CA area have been claiming for several years that when they collect rainwater and find aluminum, barum, and strontiu that this is evidence of geoengineering. The problem with that claim is that they never researched what would normally be found in rainwater, and never found that the elements they found were components of ordinary soil dust.
Myself and others have done that research and here is what we found:
-The aluminum levels found in rain are no different from those found 30-40 years ago, and the elemental signature matches the signature of mother earth and earth’s sea itself.

Regarding the claims that massive amounts of geoengineering materials have dimmed the sun is false. Dane Wigington sometimes also claims to be a “climate researcher”, also false as you will soon see.

In 1998, Edward Teller proposed Stratospheric Radiation Management (SRM)”
for geoengineering in his article “A Sunscreen For Planet Earth:

He looked at the result of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1992 and saw that it cooled the planet by ejecting 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, and proposed that humans could do the same to cool the planet.

Chemtrail conspiracy theorists have been claiming that persistent contrails are evidence of SRM.

If SRM were taking place, it would be evident in atmospheric readings of the transmission of solar radiation through the atmosphere, some of it would be blocked and transmission would decrease as it had during past eruptions.
If SRM were taking place, transmission would decrease. It has not, thus disproving the claims that geoengineering is taking place. see:

Lastly, I note that your guest blogger, John Hammell, has a vested financial interest inspreading this hoax. John Hammell sells products he claims will “protect” you from chemtrails.
So, what you have subjected your readers to is a “Faer Based Marketing” disinfo-mercial written under the guise of a blog, with the vested interest of the blogger not even disclosed. What In The World Are You Drinking?
For more information, just ask.
Jay Reynolds
Harold, When you made claims about finding aluminum in your own rain samples, you tried to silence discussion which showed your samples showed nothing unusual. Why did you do that? Most people would be happy to find that they are not being poisoned, yet you seem to wish it true….. See:
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Jay Reynolds

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I received a response from John Hammell.
Jay Reynolds said:
You repeat several times that I am not interested in debate with you or Dane Wigington.
I challenged him and/or Francis Mangels or Michael Murphy to a public debate at the recent chemtrails conference.
They all refused. I tried to debate you at Kimberly's blog by asking some easy questions. You would not answer and she asked me to stop.

I have challenged you to a public debate here:
John Hammell said:
They were wise to refuse and so am I, you are a total waste of time.

Dane Wigington has previously declined two debate challenges:

Ths challenge also included Michael J. Murphy, Francis Mangels, and G. Edward Griffin:

They are quite aware of their limitations, and are hiding because of it. There is indeed a chemtrails cover up, and it is a cover up led by their leadership.

This is the way I put it in the challenge:
Jay Reynolds said:
If you decline, you will be ignoring facts which will eventually come out anyways, so better to get it over with now.

Jay Reynolds
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Mick West

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I'd also be happy to debate anyone. I tried to talk to Dane Wigington and Michael J Murphy at the conference, but they did not seem at all interested in actually discussing things. Dane especially was highly critical of any attempt to talk about things like his inaccurate water tests.
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