Debate between Pilot Steven Kneussle and Mark McCandish on "The Truth denied"


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Found this some hours ago on Twitter...

I´m not in the mood to listen it completly, just take it as a hint

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No matter what Steven says (he is completely correct btw) Mark just sticks to his theory...You'll need a helmet and a brick wall while listening to Mark McCandish.

J.A. Lind

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Mark is mistaken. I was in the USAF for six years with an AFSC 328X0, Avionics Communication Specialist. I worked on one of the largest airplanes in the world, the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy and also C-141's. While stationed at Dover AFB, DE it is true that I only worked on my systems , but this was not only the HF/UHF/VHF radios but also included the antenna systems, associated wiring, a crash data recording system (the "black boxes") and the entire intercom system that ran throughout the aircraft. I crawled inside and out of every inch of that aircraft and never witnessed any spray equipment. While stationed at Rhein-Main AB at an enroute maintenance squadron, my duties included my specialty but also required me to act in the capacity of a crew chief. I also assisted ALL of the other avionics, airframe mechanics, hydraulics, environmental and other system techs as well. In addition, as a crew chief, anyone that approached the airplane had to check-in with the crew chief before beginning any operation. We also would refuel the airplane with a three person crew. One person on the engineers panel, one person in charge of the refuel operation outside at the front of the airplane and one person at the SPR (single point refueling). All members connected to the intercom and in communication with other. We also would debrief the flight crew upon the aircrafts arrival on station to review any maintenance squawks the needed to be addressed. Once the flight crew returned to the aircraft we would brief them on what maintenance items were corrected, the fuel load etc. There is no specialty in the USAF that was related to chemtrails that I was ever involved in. It is total nonsense. I also worked for a large international airline for a couple of years as a civilian. NEVER did I witness any chemtrail tech around any B-747, Airbus or B-737 at KIAD. I am a private pilot with ME and IFR rating with around 3,000 hrs PIC. Also an ex aircraft owner. I would trust an FAA Certified Airline Transport Pilot's testimony over an ex-USAF enlisted F-106 radar technician. Mark's aviation credential's seem to be lacking.
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Rather interesting conversation . . . found myself listening to the whole thing . . . didn't take notes but think the exchange between the pilot and the Chemtrail advocate was at a level that people would be able to follow and make some rational sense from . . . ultimately it always turns to a distrust of government and corporate greed . . . what we don't know we fill with our biased world view . . . at least the pilot was able to clearly and articulately explain how persistent contrails form and react to different atmospheric conditions . . .
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