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In his YouTube video, David Falch claims to debunk Mick West because the FLIR camera can still pick up the details of the F-18. However, in some views, the details of the JET seem to get progressively dimmer as the jet moves from the camera. Mr. Falch does not realize that the brightness of light (visible or infrared) gets less bright with the square of the distance. It is easy to imagine that beyond a certain distance, the details of the jet would not be visible while the heat of the jet's exhaust would still be hot on FLIR. Unfortunately, Mr. Falch does not give information on the distance of the aircraft.

Could one not simulate the effect of distance on the IR imagery of the jet's detail and exhaust seen in this video using software?

This is the link to the entire video:

Source: https://youtu.be/HI6wQB85h0s