"Dark UAP Free Falling" - Possible Black Plastic Bag


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So I found this video on Youtube that is supposed to be a video recording of a UAP. I am having trouble debunking the UAP part.
(There is nothing in this video suggesting that what’s being shown is of extraterrestrial origin and therefore is not the focus of this thread).

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  • Focus on individual claim;
    Claim = UAP recorded on video
    Youtube user "Servants of God" has posted a video in which he/she, in the title, claims that the video is showing a UAP.
    Literal title of video;
    “Dark UAP free falling visited by another one at 35-36 sec and one shoots across at 57-59 sec mark”

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    Video allegedly showing UAP - Needs Debunking

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    The claim is that the video is evidence of UAP.

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    Source: https://youtu.be/6FfIk1bl0p4

    “Dark UAP free falling visited by another one…”

  • Debunk if possible;
    The problem with the claim is that, frankly it is hard to dispute. I am personally having trouble debunking it myself. My hypothesis is some form of debris or video edited material (fake?). However, I am not knowledgeable enough when it comes to video editing or camera optics to make an educated evaluation of whether or not this could be a fake or not. Therefore, I am turning to this forum for help.
    Specifically the “big UAP” is hard to explain (for me).
    The “small UAP” might as well be a fly or insect…

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    Is this a UAP or not? Is there a rational/natural explanation to what is observed in the video posted?

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    Video allegedly showing “Dark UAP free falling…” (which is claimed in video title).
    1. 0:00 - 0:16 (big UAP)
    2. 0:28 – 0:36 (big UAP and small UAP – see screenshot)
    3. 0:57 – 0:58 (smaller UAP – see screenshot)
    4. 1:05 – 1:17 (big UAP close up)

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    There are no links other than the video link in this post.

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    Haven’t done that.

Below follows useful screenshots for guidance in reviewing abovementioned video.

Screenshot #1 (1:16)

Screenshot #2 (0:57)


Screenshot #3 (0:36)


Looks like a bin bag. Possible a partially deflated solar balloon


  • Dark UAP free falling stab clip.mp4
    701.9 KB

Looks like a bin bag. Possible a partially deflated solar balloon
Seeing this video loop, it actually does look like a bin bag.
Didn't notice the flapping - the looping sequence really helped. Incredible attention to detail!
Thanks Mick! :)
In the vid, he says "there's a white one up there too... Spinning..." The other common color for trash bags.


To me, that tilts suspicion more towards wind-lifted debris than a dying solar balloon.