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"Firstly, thank you for such a reasoned and IMO balanced post. I am interested in how you transitioned to accepting the OS."

Sorry for the slight diversion from the WTC7 discussion, but Oxy asked a question and I really didn't know where else to include my answer.

Oxy, it was not a matter of a transition as much as it was finally realizing how gullible I had become. How ironic was it that the term I regularly used to lampoon and mock the gullible "sheeple", was actually a far more fitting description of me and my friends. Those of us who "really" knew what was going on inside the secret Bilderberg & CFR meetings, were the enlightened ones, or see I thought. I viewed the people who thought I was a bit paranoid as useful idiots programmed to believe the party line.

Though I regularly discussed 9/11 in my attempt to wake people out of their stupor, my real hot button was "chemtrails". After quite a few years of study, I finally sent an email to about 100 friends warning them through a variety of videos and reports that we were being poisoned from the skies. So convinced was I that I was almost apoplectic. How could I continue to stand by in silence knowing that whatever the end-game was, these elite monsters were going to destroy us and our way of life forever? At this point it should be noted that although I believe there are some rather evil people lurking about, however, I question if all these things are the result of some grand all-pervasive conspiracy?

After sending that email, one of my old college buddies (now an SVP at a national bank) sent me a link to Mick's, asking me to take a look. Absolutely convinced that the site was being run by a shill for the global elite, I nonetheless began to poke and prod in order to expose this rascal and prove to my friend that he was being conned. I remember being exasperated by Mick's cool, non-emotional demeanor. Mick, I surmised, was playing his part to perfection. How much were Mick his friends who sided with him, being paid for their "obvious" obfuscation, slight of hand and misdirection?

Trying to be intellectually honest in order to make certain I'd covered all my bases, though at the time I hadn't realized how closed-minded I had become, I was eventually hit with a few pieces of contrary evidence that caught my attention. Oxy, I think I spent at least 4 hours a day for a couple of weeks trying to debunk the debunkers, but admittedly I was losing ground. I realized how woefully ignorant I really was.

So, once this key cog in the NWO conspiracy machine began to jam, I decided to research other related conspiracies, but this time with a far more honest approach. Listen, I'm not in the least naive to the point where I think there wasn't prior knowledge of the attacks, but my standard of proof has risen. Just because I can't immediately explain something, should not cause me to conclude that a conspiracy is behind it. Did the Bush administration use 9/11 to their fullest advantage? Yes, I believe they did as proved by the passing of the Patriot Act and NDAA. Are the Batman and Sandy Hook massacres being used to their fullest extent by those wanting to disarm Americans? Yes, but that doesn't prove they were false flag operations. That's all I'm trying to say. I think those of us who recognize motives automatically assume that they must have been the perpetrators.

There is a mindset within the Patriot movement (Tea Party) in America, that assumes every negative event is intentionally designed by the "puppetmasters" to tighten the noose. And a great deal of it comes from Christian fundamentalists who believe that an anti-Christ led, one world government is a prophetic inevitability. So, the glasses with which a large segment of the US population is viewing these catastrophes, is definitely tinted.


So here's the point in all this. Confusion should not be a pretext to believe that something is conspiratorial. I was watching "Conspiracy Road Trip: UFO's" a few days ago, and people these people had become convinced that they we were under alien surveillance simply because there there things they could not explain. Nothing could be said to persuade them otherwise. So, yes, there area still many anomalies and oddities that have no explanations, and that, therefore, makes me ever vigilant but that doesn't necessitate that something nefarious is going on. Often times it's a cover-up of sheer ineptness which many of us mistake as intent.

My goal is to believe the truth. I don't want to be guilty of believing error and that's a double-edged sword, since there will be times when conspiracies will be worth exposing.

In this instance, I think we ought to take the testimony of men like Barry Jennings seriously. If what he heard were the detonations of planned explosives, that causes me to ask 3 questions:

1. Are we to believe these explosives were being used over a long period of time (which is unlike any demolition I've ever heard of) in order to begin weakening the building?

2. How could Jennings have made it out alive given the fact that he heard these explosions, if in fact they were part of a compact series that would bring the building down? I've never seen a controlled demolition that took so long after the first charges were detonated.

3. Wouldn't at least one of the video camera shots have picked up explosions in WTC7? Again, in all of the controlled demolitions I've watched, you can hear the blast concussions for seemingly miles. I don't hear anything of that magnitude in any of the tapes except for the fake that Mick exposed. LoL

What reasonable conclusions can we draw based upon Jenning's testimony? It doesn't add to the weight of the conspiracy if we cannot determine its proximate value.
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