CT Rothschild inherits Freescale Patent from loss of MH370


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Ah, thank you Mick. I got brain-freeze over this one, didn't even think to do a simple debunk search. I've still to develop those habits.


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yeah, this one was insane from day one. it's source was an anonymous comment on an article about 370 so that's got to tell you something. but basically, if you invent something through the course of your employment, your employer owns the patent, not you. Your employer might compensate you with a one time payment after the patent's been approved, but it is usually small. This would be the only motivation supporting this conspiracy theory, because the plane disappeared on the 8th and the patent was approved on the 11th, so the deaths of the inventors before approval would get the employer out of having to make that payment, however it is not guaranteed since that payment might have to be paid to his heirs under the same laws that would convey his interest in the patent to his heirs. If one patent holder dies, his interest in the patent conveys to his heirs, ect through the estate inheritance laws of that state, it's not divided among the surviving holders.