Contrails in movies


Hi guys...

Does anybody know a site listing movies with contrails in them?

I need a number of battles whose celluloid depictions feature them,basically.

Here's a short rough list . Perhaps this thread can also act as an archive:

Moby Dick 1956 ,
“The Flim Flam Man”, 1967
Back to the Future,
Blazing Saddles,
Straw Dogs,
Mad Max (roadwarrior)
Deathrace 2000,
Battle of Britain,
Raising Arizona,
the Right Stuff,
Top Gun,
Cheyenne Autumn,
The Italian Job
Crocodile Dundee
Ten Commandments
“Little House on the Prairie”
"Horse Soldiers"
Conan the barbarian.
Magnificent 7,
National Lampoon Vacation.
"A man alone"1955
Diamonds are forever
The waltons.
Daniel Boone
"Zorro" (episode No. 25)
12 O'Clock High (1949).
Hudson Hawk.
Dances with wolves
Robin Hood 1968
" in Which we serve" Noel coward 1942
Conan the Barbarian
spies like us
Irma la Douce.1963
Joe Kidd 1972
''Rooster Cogburn'' 1975.
'The Misfits'' 1961.

''The Boys From Brazil''.

Superman IV

Rat Patrol Ep24 1967

Also, Conan the barbarian 1982
jetplane contrail can be seen in the sky above Conan’s head in the “tree of woe” crucifiction scene. The shot when this is seen is when the camera is pointing upwards at him from the ground.

This episode of “the outer limits” Tv series “The premonition ” also has quite a decent contrail cirrus grid in the opening shot
Robin Hood 1967:
Strategic Air Command (1955)
Strategic Air Command (1955)
Never came across this movie before (I was born on the other side of Iron Curtain), but today I have stumbled upon an old discussion at the aviation forum and was impressed by B-36, which I haven't seen before. Eight piston Ten engines (six props and two twin jets), all producing contrails:cool:

There is a trailer on youtube with this shot in the opening sequence:


Edit: Corrected the number and types of engines
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You can see there is a longer gap before the contrails from the jet engines.


According to Wikipedia, the jet engines were not used during cruising:

The jet pods greatly improved takeoff performance and dash speed over the target. In normal cruising flight, the jet engines were shut down to conserve fuel. When the jet engines were shut down, louvers closed off the front of the pods to reduce drag and to prevent ingestion of sand and dirt.
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Love that movie, and that plane was impressive, they even tried to power it with a nuclear reactor, but only got as far as putting a reactor on board and running it but not powering the aircraft. With the lead shielding required, it was too heavy to be useful so they abandoned the idea. Took some pics of it when I visited the aviation museum in Tucson AZ in 2010.
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Crocodile Dundee was mentioned earlier. I watched it tonight. Good view of contrails over New York. This was released in 1986.

Just finished watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956). There's a couple of prominent contrails forming near the end of the movie.


The scene's on YouTube too, starts around the 65-second mark in this clip