Conspiracy Theories about Senator Kelly Loeffler's Campaign Staffer, 20, Killed in Car Crash.

Mick West

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A 20-year-old campaign aide to Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) died Friday in a car crash in Georgia ahead of Loeffler's campaign rally with Vice President Pence.

The campaign staffer, identified as Harrison Deal, was also a family friend of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) and a former intern for Sen. David Perdue (R), according to Fox News.

Kelly Loeffler is one of two Republican Senators in Georgia in a critical run-off election, so conspiracy theories arrived immediate saying this was an assassination. Example:


Like with Seth Rich, these theories can last many years, and the more that is done early on to gather the actual facts, the easier debunking will be in the future.

Deal died in a three-vehicle crash on I-16 East near Pooler Parkway around 10 a.m. Friday, according to Pooler police spokeswoman Lindsey Heintzman. Pooler is about 14 miles west of Savannah.

Local people provide some persective:


The accident happened here:

On Dec 4, 2020, at about 10AM. It was first reported the The automated GDOT Twitter feed at 10:23AM, as having happened at 10:12AM EST

WJCJ reports 10:03 AM

The first accident was called in at 10:03 a.m. at I-16 EB between Pooler Parkway and I-95.

Four vehicles were involved in that crash: a flat-bed truck carrying steel, two smaller vehicles and one tractor trailer. Three of those vehicles were fully involved in flames by the time firefighters made it to the scene.

A driver in one of the smaller vehicles was killed. First responders do not yet know if there are more people in that vehicle.

Three other minor injuries have been reported.

Alexandria Nick

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Pooler Parkway is the exit right before/right after the interchange with I-95. Very busy with heavy truck traffic. My mother-in-law makes routine trips down in I-16 into Savannah and that's her least favorite stretch of road around.


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Pooler Parkway is the exit right before/right after the interchange with I-95. Very busy with heavy truck traffic. My mother-in-law makes routine trips down in I-16 into Savannah and that's her least favorite stretch of road around.
To a conspiracy theorist, this just means that that's exactly the kind of road you'd choose if you wanted to make an assassination look like an accident.

My question is, how many assassinations are actually carried out like that? Outside of fiction?
It just seems like such an unreliable method to me: if you need the person dead for some reason, there's a high chance it'll fail and the person survives; and if you want to send a warning message, well, everyone is going to think it was just an accident and not get the message.
So, is there precedent for that sort of engineered car accident?

Or is it just the typical "someone died, must be a conspiracy" that we've seen develop from 9/11 and Sandy Hook and numerous other occasions, riding on fear and strong emotions to manipulate people?
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