Conciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference

Jay Reynolds

Senior Member.
I have formally challenged G. Edward Griffin, Michael J. Murphy, Francis Mangels, and Dane Wigington to a face-to-face debate at this conference.

Jay Reynolds said:
Francis, Michael, Ed, and Dane, in a recent netradio interview, Francis claimed that no one will debate him. That was not true, and when I asked the host to set up a debate, it was Francis who declined. I am asking you again and this time the challenge is for a face-to-face debate at the Ebell Theater August 17th-19th. This is billed as the largest stand ever against chemtrails. This is your moment to stand up for what you believe, to stand up and face me like a man, to address all the criticism I have about your work and let the public decide how the evidence stacks up.

Let's arrange a time and the terms of such a debate during the conference , as it will surely add interest to the event and be a defining moment for the movement.

If you decline, you will be ignoring facts which will eventually come out anyways, so better to get it over with now.

Jay Reynolds