Common Core and Geoengineering


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Dane Wigington posted an “unscheduled diatribe” (his words) this week linking Common Core curriculum to geoengineering.

It also appeared on Global Skywatch under the title “Weather Modification Normalization: The Last American Snowball.”

Essentially, Wigington and others are arguing that a grade school reading comprehension test is a form of indoctrination for our children.

Wigington in particular is incensed by the idea:

I found a number of examples of this test. Given the 2005 copyright date on Hi-Lo Passages to Build Reading Comprehension, it is clear that it predates Common Core by a number of years.

The passage in question was published by Scholastic Inc, a private company that provides teaching material.

In terms of content, looking at the passage, it seems more like a cautionary tale regarding global warming than a subtle endorsement of geoengineering.

Obviously, I cannot account for Dane Wigington’s vehemence, just his accuracy.


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ah, Dane and his snowballs (or should i say iceballs) again.

but more on topic... speaking of reading comprehension issues in America...

vocabulary isnt my strong suit, but i always thought "strange" is the opposite of "normal" (timestamp 1:30). hhmm...

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In terms of content, looking at the passage, it seems more like a cautionary tale regarding global warming than a subtle endorsement of geoengineering.

This was my thought exactly. I see it as an attempt to get children interested in the issue of climate change and to teach critical thinking. Reminds me of reading Sci Fi from the 50's - Bradbury, Orwell, Huxley -- stories about what could happen in the future if humankind doesn't change its ways.

If our children are being indoctrinated into accepting geoengineering, at least we are also teaching them to be kind to animals with the "Frog Fest" story that was included with the reading curriculum:) :

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