Collapse of 12 Story Building in Miami Beach

Mick West

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Any tall building collapse is interesting in the context of 9/11 Controlled Demolition conspiracy theories. In this case the building was being prepped for controlled demolition, which probably means that some columns and shear walls would have been cut or removed to aid the collapse. Since there was no reports of explosions it seems like some engineers badly miscalculated and this weakening of the structure caused the collapse.

Of note is a large expanding cloud of dust.

Mick West

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So no explosives were used. The building was in the process of being demolished "by conventional methods" - presumably meaning things like cutting and jack-hammering.


Mick West

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At 1:02 in this video

you can see they have removed a lot of the floors and cut some columns, and then initiate a collapse by pulling one key column. This seems like a rather unsafe technique. Presumably in the current collapse they were very near this stage, but something happened to trigger the collapse too early.
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