Coincidence - What are the odds?


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Stumbled across this fantastic article about coincidences and the underlying statistical and psychological factors. I'm looking at pattern / number recognition / cypher claims and some relevant debunking examples.

Sorry if posted before or in the wrong area.

My CTer is currently looking at coded number patterns correlating from the date, and the amount of times the resulting numbers then appear in news.
It generally goes something like: 29.3.16 = 48= 12=(3) 29.3.36 = 68 = 14 = (5)

Therefore lots of 3s and 5s in the resulting news.....

I'm looking at probabilities and perceived coincidence.

Any other good statistical examples?
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A video by the Exposing Pseudoastronomy podcast examining claims of artificial structures on Mars. It's an outstanding primer on probability. 15 minutes long.