Cliff Harris, one of America's top climatologists??


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I wondered about whether this should be here or in "Chemtails in the News" - I think here is better because what it is about is not actually news - it is claims by a self-appointed climatologist who is just parroting "What in the World are they Spraying" and the like - so it is more about debunking him than noting the presence of his articles in the news.

I found this article on a local chemmie site - One Of Top Climatologists Covered Chemtrails/ Geo-engineering In Coeur d’Alene Press -

This year the Coeur d’Alene Press, a US daily newspaper which serves the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area, covered chemtrails/geo-engineering in an illuminating series owing to the work of Cliff Harris, one of the top climatologists in America.

Harris, who has been a climatologist for about 60 years, runs the website and operates a weather station in Coeur d’Alene. In April-May this year he had a series of three refreshingly candid articles published in the Coeur d’Alene Press, which exposed that those lingering aircraft trails are comprised largely of aluminum, barium and strontium, are toxic to the environment and human health, plus may be linked to increased cases of asthma, alzheimers, dementia, strokes and possibly even autism.
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wow - impressive claims!!

So...firstly...who is Cliff Harris - well for one thing he is one of 2 principles of Harris-Mann Climatology - Long Range Weather -

Climatologist Cliff Harris has been often rated as one of the top ten climatologists in the world for nearly 4 decades. Cliff Harris' long-range weather forecasts have been used by high-ranking government officials and quoted in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Wall Street Digest, Farm Journal, Top Producer, Successful Farming, Futures Magazine, The Boston Globe and many other publications.
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....but no mention of any actual qualifications at all in the full version......that's strange for a climatologist!

Waht should a climatologist study?? Well the long range weather of course - but also should have a few studies in related sciences - this definition from

Definition: A climatologist studies long-term weather trends or climatology. With specialized training in meteorology, a climatologist can be responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting climate in local, regional, and global locations.
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So what about these articles in the CdA Press - Here's the intro from "part 1"

About a week ago, a concerned reader of my column named Bob (no last name given) dropped off a DVD entitled, "What in the World are They Spraying?" It was produced by G. Edward Griffin and narrated by journalist Michael J. Murphy.

I, of course, was suspicious at first of this Truth Media tape, but actually watched it twice and took 14 pages of notes. The evidence was clear.

This DVD claims that many areas of the U.S., Canada, Europe and elsewhere are being sprayed almost on a daily basis by 'chemtrails' of toxic heavy metals, particularly aluminum. These are not the normal quickly dispersed jet 'contrails' as often seen.
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Oh dear - it seems that all he is going to do is regurgitate the mockumentary....complete with quoet mining and mis-quoting, eg:

David Keith, a well-known geoengineer from the University of Calgary, said recently in a San Diego Climate Seminar, "The U.S. and many NATO countries are spraying in order to save the planet from runaway global warming."
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I'm pretty sure Mr Keith has never said any such thing.

Part II is titled: Are geo-engineers 'playing God' with our weather (Part II)? - it does nothing much more than continue to repeat the usual rubbish.

And in Chemtrails, cloud-seeding and weather warfare (Part III) he starts laying into clouod seeding, starting with he vietnam War, mentioning Agent Orange and all eth usual scare tactics. Here's a particularly intersting one -

Among the substances found to be in recent laboratory soils in central Iowa were several that should simply not be there: 6 bacteria, including anthrax and pneumonia, 9 chemicals, including acetylcholine chloride, 26 heavy metals including arsenic, gold, lead, mercury, silver, uranium and zinc, 4 molds and fungi, 7 viruses, 2 cancers, 2 vaccines and 2 sedatives.
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- no attempt is actually made to show that all these came from anywhere in particular.

But aluminium - oh yes -

While I'm on the subject of 'Chemtrails,' farmers in some parts of the Midwest have been forced to spend $40 or more per acre on lime applications to combat the surprisingly high amounts of aluminum oxide in their soils. Confirming this on Friday, according our Kansas correspondent, Ed Petrowsky, the well-respected commodity advisory service, 'Crop Quest,' reported that aluminum levels across most of the Midwest have 'DOUBLED' in the past 3-5 years. They also added, that it must have come from the air. It didn't leach up from the ground. So, I guess that two and two still makes four. Also on Friday, Greg Koch of Coeur d'Alene, informed me that there was a recent Chemtrail and Geoengineering Symposium held on the island of Maui on April 27 to discuss the lack of normal plant growth on the island.
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Unfortunately CropQuests newsletters do not want to download for me today so I cannot check that statement - but I note that is doesn't appear anywhere else in a google search except this article.

and of course the logic is a simple fail - "They also added, that it must have come from the air. It didn't leach up from the ground." - this is written as if it came from Cropquest - but of course Cropquest is well aware that aluminium is in the soil - as these 2 articles in their newsletter show (no I couldn't read them, but even the 1/2 line on a google search shows enough to make that conclusion!

so it seems highly unlikely to me that CropQuest said anything of the sort - however if someone can download and read the newsletters I would be interested in the contents.

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