Cliff Harris, one of America's top climatologists??


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I wondered about whether this should be here or in "Chemtails in the News" - I think here is better because what it is about is not actually news - it is claims by a self-appointed climatologist who is just parroting "What in the World are they Spraying" and the like - so it is more about debunking him than noting the presence of his articles in the news.

I found this article on a local chemmie site - One Of Top Climatologists Covered Chemtrails/ Geo-engineering In Coeur d’Alene Press -

wow - impressive claims!!

So...firstly...who is Cliff Harris - well for one thing he is one of 2 principles of Harris-Mann Climatology - Long Range Weather -

....but no mention of any actual qualifications at all in the full version......that's strange for a climatologist!

Waht should a climatologist study?? Well the long range weather of course - but also should have a few studies in related sciences - this definition from

So what about these articles in the CdA Press - Here's the intro from "part 1"

Oh dear - it seems that all he is going to do is regurgitate the mockumentary....complete with quoet mining and mis-quoting, eg:

I'm pretty sure Mr Keith has never said any such thing.

Part II is titled: Are geo-engineers 'playing God' with our weather (Part II)? - it does nothing much more than continue to repeat the usual rubbish.

And in Chemtrails, cloud-seeding and weather warfare (Part III) he starts laying into clouod seeding, starting with he vietnam War, mentioning Agent Orange and all eth usual scare tactics. Here's a particularly intersting one -

- no attempt is actually made to show that all these came from anywhere in particular.

But aluminium - oh yes -

Unfortunately CropQuests newsletters do not want to download for me today so I cannot check that statement - but I note that is doesn't appear anywhere else in a google search except this article.

and of course the logic is a simple fail - "They also added, that it must have come from the air. It didn't leach up from the ground." - this is written as if it came from Cropquest - but of course Cropquest is well aware that aluminium is in the soil - as these 2 articles in their newsletter show (no I couldn't read them, but even the 1/2 line on a google search shows enough to make that conclusion!

so it seems highly unlikely to me that CropQuest said anything of the sort - however if someone can download and read the newsletters I would be interested in the contents.

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