Claims of Predictions of Chemtrails in Old Texts


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Sam Geerans also say the Quran predicts Chemtrails

WOW! A religious scripture telling us about chem trails? Should research that, wonder what else it says.

Well, that is a misquote from the Qur'an, a quick search showed that his translation is absolutely wrong. This is what Qur'an says (Verse 10)

not something that is presently happening. Also religious scriptures like Bible and Vedas, verses used to come when a particular event was happening in history.

Now as far as I know about history there was a famine in Makkah at that time and as the city is in a desert, then without rain the city becomes surrounded by smoke, this is a common consequence of a famine in desert, but this is debated whether the Qur'an is talking about that famine or the times when this world will end (these are the views of Muslim belief) because in the sayings of the Prophet; as mentioned by a scholar on the channel Peace TV (broadcasted in USA) one of the signs of the end of the world will include a smoke covering the sky, that is what the word "Dukhan" means but a companion of the Prophet used to say that this is a discussion of famine.
(Only the title is understandable, the lecture is in Urdu; maybe someone can find English version of that. It is around 14:25 as the Arabic numeral of 10 appears at that time stamp).
Conspirators always misquote and misunderstand, in flat Earth debates, 9/11 etc.


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Like all the conspiracy theories, the source of problem is the same: Misquote and misconception. Claiming and mentioning things from sources that do not say what they think it says.
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