Claim: Did Geoengineering Just Kill Almost 200,000 Alpacas In Peru?

Jay Reynolds

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The Claim(posed as a leading question by Dane Wigington):
Did Geoengineering Just Kill Almost 200,000 Alpacas In Peru?

Details of the claim as stated by Wigington:
In 2011, some 200,000 alpacas were sickened and/or killed by an unusual cool-down. In 2013, 250,000 alpacas met the same fate. Now again, in 2015, the same scenario is playing out in Peru, nearly 200,000 alpacas have succumbed to extremely unusual conditions. Alpacas are built for cold, why are they dying in such massive numbers in a world that is experiencing record warmth?
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Debunking: When you research the actual news articles from Peruvian sources you find that the numbers he cites are all wrong. Yes heavy snow falls in the Andes and yes animals die in blizzard conditions, but the numbers cited are 100 times less than claimed.

Puno: Alarm 200,000 alpaca and llamas could die/Request for help
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as a result of the heavy snowfalls approximately 2000 animals from alpacas and others died, among the most affected districts include Cuyo Cuyo, Limbani, and other uptown.
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Snow killed more than two thousand alpacas in Puno
Sandia Regarding the outlook is not very encouraging as a result of the heavy snowfalls approximately 2000 animals from alpacas and others died, among the most affected districts include Cuyo Cuyo, Limbani, and other uptown.
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Mick West

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I'm not sure you can debunk the actual figures so quickly. Or course there's nothing to link it to supposed geoengineering. It could be related to climate change, or might just be bad weather.

For 2015, the figure of 171,000 is repeated quite often including one of the sites you link to:
AFECTACIÓN. Más de 171 mil alpacas cuya lana se exporta a Asia y Europa murieron en las dos primeras semanas de julio por la caída de nieve y las bajas temperaturas en Puno. “Han muerto 171.850 alpacas de las cuales 9.060 son alpacas en edad adulta y 162.790 son crías. Las causas son atribuidas a las temperaturas por debajo de los cero grados”, dijo a la prensa German Quispe, responsable del centro de Operaciones de Emergencia Regional de Puno.
INVOLVEMENT. Over 171 000 alpacas whose wool is exported to Asia and Europe died in the first two weeks of July snowfall and low temperatures in Puno. "They have killed 171 850 alpacas of which 9,060 are in adult alpacas and 162 790 are young. The causes are attributed to the temperatures below freezing, " German Quispe, head of the Regional Center of Emergency Operations, Puno, told the press.
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And repeated by the BBC:

Las inusuales temperaturas registradas en la región de Puno, en el sur de los Andes peruanos, causaron estragos en la población de alpacas, uno de los animales más emblemáticos del altiplano.

Solo en las dos primeras semanas de julio murieron más de 170.000 animales cuya lana se exporta a países de Asia y Europa.

La mayor parte de los animales fallecidos son crías.

"Murieron básicamente de hambre y de frío", le explicó a BBC Mundo Germán Quispe, responsable del Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia Regional de Puno.


The unusual temperatures in the region of Puno, in the southern Peruvian Andes, wreaked havoc on the population of alpacas, one of the most emblematic of the highlands animals.

Only in the first two weeks of July more than 170,000 animals died whose wool is exported to countries in Asia and Europe.

Most of the dead animals are young.

"Basically died of hunger and cold" , Germán Quispe, head of Regional Operations Center Emergency Puno, told BBC News
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