Claim: Brazilian pilots see UFOs near Florida


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So another video from Ben Hansen regarding UFOs seen by Azul Brazilian Airplanes pilots of UFOs circling. Hmmm, sounds familiar. Let's see if we can capture the data here and check if they could be the ubiquitous Starlink satellites...


The UFOs were in the aircraft's 11 o'clock position....

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No indication from ATC the lights were detected by radar, at least not from the audio clip.

Would be helpful to have someone who knows aviation to translate the audio from Portuguese to English.
A very quick check seems to show that there were Starlink satellites visible close to the horizon in the SW. Will need to confirm a more precise location and time to make a firm hypothesis though....


Edit ... This tweet seems to confirm the date, time and location - although there's some confusion of the date past midnight!


FlightRadar24 screenshot:

Which gives lat and longs...

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Yep, I get that too. And over the space of a few minutes there are numerous Starlink satellites entering & exiting the daylight region just above the horizon. I'll try and do a screen capture when I'm back on my Mac.