Claim: Another Sighting of 'racetrack' UAPs over the Pacific. [Probably Starlink]


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[UPDATE:] Summary Video:


Another sighting of the racetrack UAPs over the Pacific that were seen near the Big Dipper. Its possible again that these are Starlink Satellites, let's use this thread to capture any analysis....

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Excerpt Video and Radio Communications - Hawaiian Airlines Flight 004- 8/10/22 UAP Sighting​

This is an August 10, 2022 UAP event that was observed by up to 6 different commercial airlines about an hour and a half from Honolulu, Hawaii en route to the U.S. mainland. These are excerpts from video taken by a Hawaiian Airlines flight crew and some of the audio from radio communications between the multiple pilots​

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HAL004 is an Airbus A330 from Honolulu to Los Angeles. Not sure if the date of 10 August is local or a UTC date. This will have a big effect on the satellite predictions

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UA534 was directly overhead CIVIT at 8.59 UTC on 10 August.


It had an airspeed of 527 kts = 606 mph, it would have been at "30 miles WEST of CIVIT" 2 minutes, 58 seconds earlier, so that is 08.56 UTC.


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A very quick check of again shows that there were illuminated Starlink satellites in exactly the same spot that is seen in the video, this time very close to the horizon.


And again they are almost directly above the sun (over the horizon)....