Claim: 75 Deaths of athletes in Five Months are Because of COVID-19 vaccines


This thread has been spreading on Finnish conspiracy circles for days now (and I assume somewhere else too) in which it is wondered how these 75 athletes in great health suddenly would get heart attacks and many are pointing fingers to vaccines.


Although it seems kind of odd, there are more logical explanations in my opinion. It could be because we just spend more attention to it than before, since we know Covid's and covid vaccines (rare) side effects could be heart problems, it could be covid itself, maybe all of them pushed their limits too nuch, etc. etc.

Anyways, what do you think?


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1. the twitter claim is falsified by the very article it links. It is not 75 deaths.

2. YOUR claim that "75 athletes in great health", is also disproved by the list (that i only skimmed briefly) because one i saw was a lines woman.. who could be old.

3. the article linked opens with
The "New Statesman" talks about 12 young people who die of sudden cardiac death while running – every week. The article was published in November 2018 in England. In February 2019, the Austrian newspaper derStandard asked why cardiac death occurs "so frequently" in sports.

4. i noticed at least 13 countries being mentioned in the list (worldwide) [across multiple sports, including table tennis!].. so 75 cardiac events doesn't sound large at all.

published medical paper 2016

Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes​

Meagan M. Wasfy, M.D., Adolph M. Hutter, M.D., and Rory B. Weiner, M.D.

Sudden cardiac death (SCD) is the most frequent medical cause of sudden death in athletes, and estimates vary widely based on the population. A recent estimate of SCD incidence ranged from 1 in 40,000 to 1 in 80,000 athletes per year.12

Among National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) athletes, increased risk has been found with male gender, black race, and basketball participation (Table 1).14 The risk among male Division 1 basketball players has been estimated at more than 10 times that in the overall athlete population (1 in 5,200 vs. 1 in 53,703 athletes per year), which is consistent with prior findings in collegiate and high-school athletes
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This is a German news report, and many cases happened in Germany, often at small amateur clubs. Due to Covid restrictions, most clubs had stopped training and playing in 2020, and only resumed in 2021 as case numbers went down, vaccination numbers went up, and restrictions were lifted. This explains the timing.
Wir behaupten dabei weder, dass all diese Menschen wegen der Impfung erkrankten und verstarben, noch dass es im Falle einer Impfung einen erwiesenen Zusammenhang gibt.

And indeed few of the reports on the list even mention a vaccination.

Heart problems can also be due to surviving a Covid infection.

Is heart damage caused by COVID-19 permanent?

Post says that if symptoms are due to a cardiac cause, recovery depends on the severity of injury. “Very few people have a severe heart attack, such as an acute myocardial infarction, or MI, due to COVID-19,” she says.
Still, heart imaging can reveal minor changes in the heart muscle of some COVID-19 survivors. Post notes that some studies on athletes recovering from the coronavirus have shown some scarring, but stresses that some of these studies did not compare these results with those who had not had COVID-19. How long these minor changes persist — and how they affect heart health — are not yet known. Experts are developing protocols and recommendations for which athletes should get cardiac testing before returning to play.
Post cites a German study in which cardiac MRIs were conducted on 100 people who had the coronavirus and survived. The researchers saw abnormal findings in 78 of these patients. Compared with those who had not had COVID-19, these patients showed evidence of scarring and inflammation of the heart muscle and its surrounding tissue (pericardium). However, this study was limited by the lack of an appropriate comparison group, and subsequent studies have found a much lower incidence of myocarditis in those who had a prior COVID-19 infection.
Another small study assessed 26 college athletes who had COVID-19 with mild symptoms or none at all. Cardiac MRI showed that these students had normal EKGs and normal levels of a substance called troponin, which when elevated can indicate heart problems. Four of them had heart muscle inflammation (myocarditis), and two of these had inflammation of the pericardium (pericarditis).

Post says these data have to be considered carefully, since the sample sizes are small, and the pre-COVID heart health of the participants wasn’t known.

So, for this report, we have
• no evidence the deaths are caused by vaccinations (could be caused by Covid)
• cases collected from everywhere, including many amateurs that don't usually get widely reported (skews the comparison)
• timing coincides with people going back to playing after a year of inactivity (especially for the amateurs)

I'm not worried.

(P.S. One of the dead athletes was already wearing a defibrillator!)
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published paper 2010 (with lots of similar papers on the topic in the references section going back decades)

Football (soccer), is the most popular sport on earth, with 260 million registered players1

The true incidence of SCA among footballers is not known,10 but can be predicted from available data in team-based athletes which reports an incidence of 1 in 65 000 athletes to 1 in 200 000 athletes,11,–,13 which in USA appears to equate to one SCA every 3 days14 and is 2.5 times higher than in non-athletes.15 A prospective population-based study of SCD in young competitive athletes in the Vento Region of Italy indicated an incidence of SCD of 2.3 per 100 000 athletes per year from all causes, and 2.1 per 100 000 athletes per year from cardiovascular diseases.16


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The sports department at the University of Frankfurt did a study based on insurance claims, called "Todesfälle im Sport anhand von Versicherungsdokumentationen".
Nachtrag aus Erhebung 2001: Über den Zeitraum von 19 Jahren (1981 - 1999) wurden inzwischen n = 2825 plötzliche und unerwartete Todesfälle von Vereinssportlern aus 10 Bundesländern (Baden-Württemberg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hessen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Saarland, Sachsen, Schleswig-Holstein) anhand von Versicherungsdokumentationen der ARAG-Sportversicherung untersucht. Die meisten Todesfälle (n=2669) betrafen männliche Sportler, während der Anteil der Frauen bei 5,5 % (n=156) lag. Der Altersdurchschnitt lag bei den Sportlern bei 43,5 und bei den Sportlerinnen bei 38,4 Jahren. Am häufigsten betroffen waren die Sportarten Fußball (n = 872), Tennis (n=203), Radsport (n=174), Turnen (n=124), Handball (n=120), Tischtennis (n=117), Kegeln (n=103), Leichtathletik (n=89) und Reiten (n=78), wobei es sich um eine absolute Häufigkeit handelt, die insbesondere bei Massensportarten in Relation zur Mitgliederzahl gewertet werden muss. Die häufigsten Ursachen für einen plötzlichen Tod während oder kurz nach der Sportausübung waren kardiovaskuläre Ereignisse (n=1747 (61,8 %)). 887 kardiovaskuläre Todesfälle ereigneten sich beim Training und 860 beim Wettkampf.

This data shows that a part of Germany (10 of 16 states) had a long-term average of 872/19=46 football deaths per year pre-Covid (149/year over all sports).

75 deaths from all of Germany and other countries, including deaths from other disciplines, doesn't even seem elevated by comparison.


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1. the twitter claim is falsified by the very article it links. It is not 75 deaths.
33 deaths mentioned on the list, 42 other severe cardiac events.
Compared to the average 46 yearly German football deaths from the study I found, that seems not a lot.
2. YOUR claim that "75 athletes in great health", is also disproved by the list (that i only skimmed briefly) because one i saw was a lines woman.. who could be old.
Football referees usually keep in shape. However, one of the deaths listed was a golf caddie! (and the fellow with the defibrillator... "great health"?)


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yes she is fairly young and soccer ref. this happened to her before in 2017
REFEREE’S assistant Helen Byrne has been discharged from hospital after falling ill during this afternoon’s game between Wanderers and Walsall.

Paramedics were called into the tunnel at the half time break after Byrne fell ill, causing a 15-minute delay to the restart.

It is understood the former Edge Hill University student, from Merseyside, had complained of chest problems and was accompanied to Bolton Royal Hospital by her PGMOL coach Phil Dowd.

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In the US, just looking at high school and college (American) football players, there's about 8 fatalities a year that they call "systematic" deaths. This means something like a heart issue, not an on-field injury. And those deaths are only ones recorded during practice or a game. is a relevant paper.

That's just two segments of one sport in one country, and you're already at 8.

I also found this while I was doing so more reading:

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has recently highlighted mental health concerns in student athletes, though the incidence of suicide among NCAA athletes is unclear. The purpose of this study was to determine the rate of suicide among NCAA athletes.

As part of this, they put a hard number on how many student-athletes died during their collegiate playing career.

Over the 9-year study period, 35 cases of suicide were identified from a review of 477 student-athlete deaths during 3,773,309 individual participant seasons.

Which gives us 442 non-suicide deaths. Further in the data, they identified 236 as "accidents," which I assume to be largely road vehicle deaths and so on. That reduces it to 206. A further 37 are homicides. That leaves us with 169 deaths. If we also remove the drug and alcohol related deaths, that's 156, or 17 deaths per year. It would also give you about 7 in a 5 month period.
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This thread has been spreading on Finnish conspiracy circles for days now (and I assume somewhere else too) in which it is wondered how these 75 athletes in great health suddenly would get heart attacks and many are pointing fingers to vaccines.


Although it seems kind of odd, there are more logical explanations in my opinion. It could be because we just spend more attention to it than before, since we know Covid's and covid vaccines (rare) side effects could be heart problems, it could be covid itself, maybe all of them pushed their limits too nuch, etc. etc.

Anyways, what do you think?
It would seem that account was suspended. How much willing to bet they are crying and compearing themselves to Galileo or something.


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as further claims covid vax deaths on the soccer field due to Vax triggering myocarditis and/or pericarditis etc arise. Can the data of global deaths due to myocarditis fatality or medical admissions be found or at least UK EU to see if there is a spike in current vs historic & is it the vaxine or the effect of Covid infection or combination

best data i can find is but im having trouble grasping as quite complex

SARS-CoV-2 vaccination and myocarditis or myopericarditis: population based cohort study​

BMJ 2021; 375 doi: (Published 16 December 2021)Cite this as: BMJ 2021;375:e068665



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best data i can find is but im having trouble grasping as quite complex
Yeah, they were very thorough, lots of numbers.

The researchers used data from the Danish health system, which means they had very good coverage. However, it means they were only able to track hospitalised cases of myocarditis or pericarditis (but non-hospitalized cases are likely to follow the same pattern). Denmark also used a 5 week interval between the first and second shots while most other countries use 3. Lastly, the number of events is quite low, so the results come with a lot of uncertainty.
The study has two different main analyses of this data, with similar results.
• First, they compare people who got vaccinated with people who didn't (cohort study), and adjusted for age, sex, and other differences.
• Secondly, they did a self-controlled case series (SCCS): the idea behind that is that you can get myocarditis at any time, but if the vaccination causes this, people are going to be more likely to have an event right after the vaccination, so you pick everyone with a vaccination and an event and calculate the impact of the vaccination on the timing of the event. The clever thing about this is that everyone is their own control, so you don't need to do any adjustments.

They also looked at other numbers like total incidence and death rates.

Overall, this confirms what we already knew: the side effect exists, but it's very rare, and most people who get it don't die.

The way this works is that, for each participant, you take the time they spend in each group (just 1 group for the unvaccinated, but vaccinated people switch groups when they get the shot), add it all up, and compare.

For example, for the myocarditis analysis, in the unvaccinated group, there are 155 events and 3.2 million person-years, and among the Biontech vaccinees, we have 0.5 million person-years, so we'd expect 155×(0.5/3.2)≈24 events in that group, but there were 48, so the (unadjusted) risk is doubled.

The table also indicates that vaccinees are less likely to die, which is probably due to "healthy person bias": people on the brink of death don't get vaccinated, which causes more deaths in the unvaccinated group.

The numbers for the SCCS aren't quite the same as for the cohort analysis, but the confidence intervals overlap, which means everything's in the right ballpark:
One of the extra things they looked at was whether vaccine-induced myocardia is more severe than normal myocardia; it seems there is no noticeable difference:
Converting the percentages, 155 unvaccinated with 7 heart failures and 3 deaths; 48 Biontech with 1 heart failure and 1 death; and 21 Moderna vaccinees was simply too few to register a heart failure or death, because 2% of 21 is only 0.4.

Again, these are the numbers for all of Denmark for the year. For comparison, here's what Covid did in the same time frame:
2 people died in the hospital of myocarditis with a vaccination; 1532 people died with Covid.
Getting vaccinated looks like a pretty good deal.
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