Civil Aviation Authority Confirms Chemtrails are a hoax


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Following yet another example of someone being told to "look-up" and subsequently "remembering" previous evidence of chemtrails they managed to get some local news coverage. But when the journalists asked the CAA to comment, they were told...

A spokesmanperson for the CivilAviation Authority dismissed the suggestion as “complete nonsense”. He said: “People have been perpetuating this myth for decades but it’s complete nonsense. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to back any of it up.

“For one, it would be impossible for chemicals of this nature to be released from an aircraft without the pilot realising it and even if they were ‘in on the conspiracy’ how many people would have to be involved – engineers, loading staff on the runway and airport personnel – to cover something like this up?

“Pilots are people too, with families of their own. Why would they become involved in something like this?”

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I've passed this and the other UK ones onto the manager at the local CAA who I know is sitting on a similar response but is a little timid! ;)