Chemtrails or contrails July 2014 (video)


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Yes, please cite specific claims from the video, with time reference. (It is mercifully short, under one minute in length...which is a plus).

I can say with no risk of error, though....just looking at the "still" image that YouTube provides in the preview, I see perfectly ordinary contrails.

I also can assert this since I am completely aware that "chem"trails are a myth, they are not (as presented) technically feasible, would be virtually useless even if that are what is being claimed by "chem"trail believers due to their altitude above the ground, and...

....finally, besides being myth, they are often perpetuated by unscrupulous individuals who know that they are a hoax, but carry on anyways, either for profit, attention or both.


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What is in this video that hasn't been thoroughly explained on this site already? You have persistent contrails and crossing patterns made by aircraft flying on IFR jet routes, depicted on an enroute chart.


Contrails can and will persist in saturated air at altitude. This fact is of great inconvenience to the chemtrail community, since their main argument is that normal contrails dissipate right away, while anything that persists has to be a "chemtrail". They have yet to prove that these lines in the sky are anything other than normal contrails..


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What is in this video that hasn't been thoroughly explained on this site already?

Agree 100%, and in addition it appears that some contrails exhibit signs of crow instability (also discussed on the site) ---


AND, (here):

AND, (here):


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Simple contrails. What is to debunk? I see them more days than not where I live, and have done for the three decades I have lived here. This was this morning. image.jpg