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I noticed this one currently doing the rounds on the various forums. Peter Kirby claims that part of this dedicated chemtrail fleet are Lockheed C-141 Starlifters (long since retired) and that this "Chemtrail Fleet" has been imaged thousands of times. Kirby has stated that he doesn't believe that civilian airliners are involved in the "spraying". I've invited him over to the thread to discuss and present this photographic evidence.


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I notice that entire article contains not one photo of one of these alleged chemtrail tankers, just the endlessly recycled David Dees image of the KLM Boeing 747* with retrofitted skulls, and a couple of Evergreen pics. Where is his "proof" of these planes spraying in the sky?

(*Original here:


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I agree. Peter Kirby claims the following in the comments. Perhaps he will kindly present the images?


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The article references Allan Buckmann, calling him a "former meteorologist". Of course, he was never a meteorologist. He was, according to Buckmann's own article, a "weather observer"(50 years ago).

Here is what Buckmann believes about contrail formation:

Buckmann seems to have the opposite belief to other chemtrail proponents, in that he thinks older prop planes could make contrails, but not jets.
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The origin of the plane-type claims seems to have been Buckmann.

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Besides Buckmann's lack of credentials or evidence, this seems a little contradictory. A "Jumbo Jet" is a Boeing 747, and the planes listed there are relatively smaller planes. Perhaps the term "Jumbo Jet" here is just being used to mean "Large Jet"?

I've attached the Aurora Study.


  • 16M_2010_Aurora_Flight_Sciences_Geoengineering_Cost_Analysis_Final_Report_October_30_2010.pdf
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Well those retrofitted c141s.
They built 285. 19 were lost in accidents and 15 of them are on display at various places.

That leaves 251. Many of which are here:
Idon;t know about you but I reckon

that perhaps a reasonable amount of retrofitting work is required here.

apart from that, the C141 has a distinctive T Tail, quite unlike every aircraft I have ever seen making a trail, and I have yet to see Mr Buckmann;s photos or video of these planes flying in groups and grid patterns. In fact, apart from obvious holding patterns, I have NEVER seen any evidence of a plane turning and coming back spraying in the other direction back and forth in a grid pattern, despite the many times the claim has come up.


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In fact, apart from obvious holding patterns, I have NEVER seen any evidence of a plane turning and coming back spraying in the other direction back and forth in a grid pattern, despite the many times the claim has come up.

Agreed. Considering this is such a central part of the chemtrail my this, why does nobody have any videos of it happening? I've seen lots of photos of planes flying parallel to existing contrails, as you'd expect with normal flight behaviour, but NONE of the same plane turning back to create a parallel grid.

Hama Neggs

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Considering this is such a central part of the chemtrail my this, why does nobody have any videos of it happening?

I have asked for such vids probably 50 times from people claiming to see planes turning around and flying "back and forth". Not ONE has ever been presented.
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