Chemtrail Awareness on Facebook, moves on a bit

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This is an interesting story from Colin Jones, a chemtrail promoter on Facebook:
Dear all Likers of Chemtrail Awareness. I started this page maybe five years ago because I was so angered by what I seen happening in the skies. It made me sick to the stomach and I felt so powerless. I just wanted it to stop, I would see a blue sky fade behind this smog, and I would feel robbed. I wrote to MP’s I told everyone I met, I was even nicknamed the Chemtrails guy.

I used to get very worked up about the bad shit that is happening in the world, I used to listen to Alex Jones and believe his daily doomsday cries from his texas bunker. I watched the financial system crash in 2008, my friends all losing jobs, I saw through all the propaghanda in the news and TV. I became hateful of the system, and how fucked up society was becoming. I just felt very detached from everything.

Then I decided to leave Liverpool for the first time and see the world, and it really changed me. I lost that anger. When you are drinking a beer at sunrise, dancing with beautiful people on a roof at a great party in a great city. When you stand in the middle of the streets in the snow and sing and play your guitar in the street, it really changes the way you think about things.

I still watch the skies get filled up a bit, and I bite my lip and feel a bit sad, but I don’t let it get me as angry as it did. I suppose I came to the realisation that there will always be bad shit happening in this world. Always has. But there is always a good fight going on. As bad as it seems in some ways, there are good people right now fighting for the good.

I believe the antithesis to war, hate, destruction and greed. Is love, art, music, and creation. I understand I will never understand the infinity of the universe, and the violent chaos of structured beauty inherant in it all. But I just know you reap what you sow. Regardless of money, time is the most valuable currency you will ever posses! Spend it wisely! Enjoy your life, and chase whatever you think might make you happy.

I can’t really use this page as a chemtrails awareness site myself. I am too busy enjoying being a travelling street musician, which is why I sometimes post my stories and links up here. But if anyone wants to run this page and keep posting videos of all the bad sides of the world that is happening, then please feel free! Message me. I may continue to post a good chapter I have written on here occasionally. But hopefully you will appreciate that and know that it is someone who is seeking a road of freedom and appreciation for the beautiful world and people that do still exist. You can look me up on ‘The Dead Sea Captain’
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He's 29 years old, so started "Chemtrail Awareness" in when he was about 24 and had never left his home city. Now he lives in Amsterdam and it seems his perspective is shifting away from the conspiracy culture. I think this happens to a lot of people in the chemtrail community. They eventually just grow out of it - perhaps not entirely, and they always keep something of the counter-culture mentality (not a bad thing). But there's a huge silent wave of people getting out of the culture under their own steam. Perhaps that might indicate that a good goal would be to stop people getting into it in the first place.


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Seems like they've found someone to take over, there's suddenly a lot more activity from the page owner. They didn't usually post anything but they are now.


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If I was in liverpool, then it wouldn't be chemtrails I'd worry about, it'd be the stanlow oil refinery .. Though it does make for some amazing skies :)..

guess its smoke of a different type he's found in amsterdam..