'Chem webs' over UK - video


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I've been seeing these videos circulated in a few places:

Part 2:

Looks a whole lot like spider webs to me. I swear here in the US I've seen webs in the grass just like that in the early morning when dew forms, albeit not contiguous and covering such a wide area.

First thought I had was that it seems very similar to what spiders did to trees in Pakistan following record-breaking floods a year ago:

In the video description of part 2(supposedly microscopy imaging), it says:

What has happened is that as the water has evaporated the fibres have been drawn together forming a strand that is comparable in size to a spiders web strand , However the spider silk is a single entity not hundreds of microscopic fibres as shown in this video .

This didn't seem right to me, and after a quick google it seems spider silk is not a 'single entity' but (like many things) is actually a collection of smaller fibers:
This microscopy images look nothing like what he is showing in part 2, but I suspect what he's showing is either not the webs depicted in the video or such a low magnification that we're looking at a clump of spider webs.

In the first video description he says the webs covered an area "5 miles wide and 15 to 20 miles long", and I thought surely this couldn't have gone unnoticed by everyone if such a large area were literally covered in spider webs. Turns out, the day before the video is claimed to have been filmed, the DailyMail ran a piece with pretty darn similar photographs, though no pictures of a field looking similar to what is seen in the video:



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the folks that did these videos showed no curiosity about learning the facts of the matter. Spiders spin their silk from numerous spinnerets which combine to form a strand of silk. The spinnerets are easy to see in the electron microscopy. Here is my work on that from a decade ago:

I see no other reason for why they would go concoct such a length explanation to make it seem different than spider webs.

Someone left this comment with the dailymail photos:

I will never forget walking down a field meadow in the early morning and seeing spider webs in the grass as far the eye could see , truely magical something thats unforgetable .....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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