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This has a tie in with chemtrails, and the Dr Ilya Perlingieri

On her latest unhinged diatribe on Aircrap (check the chemtrails forum), she implores people to get tested for toxic metals, and send hair samples to

However, that company has been sued for fraud, engages with a bit of pseudoscience that is meant to give the appearance of elevated metals with some of the testing they do, in order for con artists to sell chelation "therapy".

There is a section on quackwatch dedicated to DoctorsData

It pleased them none too well, they are suing quackwatch

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That's pretty interesting about the use of a "provoking agent". Something we should watch out for when other tests are presented.

I note that in the sample results on Quackwatch they don't test for Barium. I guess it's not particularly toxic :)

Mick West

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Aha, they don't list Barium as a Toxic Metal, it comes on the next page, as an "Essential Element"

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