Check out my chemtrail site


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Ya, I jumped the gun and opened it up a little early. I want to drive some traffic to it. Thanks for your interest.


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Really nicely designed. Honestly, from a Master of Design, it looks fantastic. Clean, direct, open, sleek and stylish. It navigates well, the media seems to be embedded efficiently and the typography even looks pretty good too.

It's just a shame the actual content is such horseshit.

[unless you're trolling, in which case bravo]

Mick West

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Yes it does look very professional. I thought at first it might be some kind of viral-marketing site. But it's actually just a nice Wordpress theme, with some content slotted in. Here's the there that was used:

"Gang Stalking" people tend to be extreme true-believers. Not something I would attempt to debunk. Most people can see that the suggestion of "targeted individuals" having cameras implanted in their eyes is not reasonable - but the believer cannot, and any criticism would automatically be incorporated into their narrative.

The material debunks itself, and anyone who can't see that is not going to be convinced by a debunker's explanation.

Jay Reynolds

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On a Little Rock local talk show yesterday one of these "gang stalking" people got a chance at call-in. By the time he got to the part where he was living in a hole in the woods because the ionizing radiation that was givin him noises in his head came right through the tinfoil on his windows the host had to suddenly go to a break.

Now the host is undoubtedly marked down in the guy's list as part of the gang that thwarted him at every turn.

The OP has figured out the "real reason" for chemtrails, he needs to head over to

"The #1 site for chemtrails, all the rest are rubbish".

Socrates wll definitely like to see what your site is all about, he specializes in sites like yours:


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I'm sort of glad I can say that I honestly didn't know the rabbit-hole went this deep. These people need to be medicated at the very least. Is it fair to say that the internet - or at least the information age - is responsible for these kinds of delusions? I would guess that the excess of unfiltered information, all presented with superficially similar credibility, has eventually led these people away from their judgment. Any psychologists in the house? Or anyone whose read that 'Among the Truthers' book maybe?


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Thanks for the link.

BTW: The aerial spraying of the chemicals - named "Cloud-seeding" is a well known fact;
If You watch the sky in your state - keep doing it : You are going to succeed. I've seen this happening & I believe my eyes. During Summer-2011 I've seen multiple actions to prove it. On sunny days especially; a lot of times I was driving on the HWy & could't make those scenes of amazing professional pilot's actions.
They would make snowflake patterns, which in turn would pull the clouds together, closing the open sky areas. Even in Oregon where the clouds are inseparable its own part - they look quite unnatural now: extremely heavy & low above the ground, in geometric patterns. And I've seen jets that work on those clouds to make them go away / temporarily / , so it's been done both ways, for a natural look.
Keep watching, especially those non-believers, who are in huge number now.
Educate yourself and find the way to stand your freedoms, for the health of your children & out of the principle.

It's named a "conspiracy" only because not even one have been courageous enough to take the responsibility for this action publically. So, here we are down under : spending time on buzzing about it instead of an organized action.

No, the point is : HOW TO STOP THIS?

There are the links with information from the people who have been working on this crime against humanity:

This all is happening above the North American Continent & everywhere: make your research and


Good Luck!


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You are right there. I personally enjoy watching an "exciting" sky, with clouds in different levels, patches of humid air where contrails appear, probably a sundog here and there if a warm front is closing in.

This is all much more rewarding than a dull blue sky with nothing in it.

I have never seen a chemtrail though. How do you distinguish them from contrails?


Mick West

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Educate yourself

How do you know which sources are accurate?

Take Rense, for example. How do you verify the information he puts out is accurate. Do you have a way of checking it, or do you simply have to trust him? If the latter, then why do you trust him, but not me?


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Aerial spraying of chemicals is cloud seeding? Hmmmm thats interesting. So cropdusters are actually doing cloud seeding? Are malaria/locust/weevil spray aircraft also doing cloud seeding?

What about forest fire airtankers? They are cloud seeding too?

Interesting definition you have!
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