Charlie Hebdo Conspiracy Theories - Ignore or Address?

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In second video, there is no blood, because it is obvious that this is staged execution

Have you been in combat? I have and I'v watched the videos, and I have no reason to doubt them. I don't say this as an appeal to authority as I am not infallible, but are you a pathologist?

What exactly are you basing this on?

let your eyes be the judge, but always remember - eyes are useless when the mind is blind


No blood splatter here either - is this staged?

Is this staged?

What about this?

Shot multiple times, no Hollywood-esq blood spray. Are these 'obviously blanks'?

Can you at least concede that not all shootings will have immediate blood and body-parts pouring everywhere?

Could I also ask everyone again to treat the discussion of these videos with some dignity, as these people were denied theirs in their deaths.

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David Fraser

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It seems that we are on a constant cycle of opinion over wounds and what they should look like e.g. not enough blood. Purely anecdotal but from experience I came to the conclusion that while there may be dramatic wounds with certain weapons it is not always the case. Also vice versa, something minor can cause real damage.

However in relation to this topic. So what if there is not much blood. What are the injuries and where is the pathology report to pick over. Not all GSWs result in tremendous blood loss and many result in fatal internal injuries. Attending any casualty, while bleeding is a priority, you do not gauge an injury purely on bloodloss. You would soon lose your fan base if you did.

occams rusty scissor

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That's irrelevant here, as nobody is arguing he was killed by a blank.
Actually Mick, I kind of agree with the point WW is making - blanks can throw small chunks of copper and debris out of the muzzle at high speed. The relevance here is not so much regarding claims he was killed with a blank, more to the point that a blank round was used to fake the execution, as which "actor" wants that going off near their head/face region?

The other proof that comes of this:
Bullets were obviously blanks, if they were real bullets there would be at least one drop of blood visible anywhere in the shoot.
If blanks were used the entire time in that shoot, there would be problems with stoppages i.e. the guns 'jamming'. blank rounds are notorious for fouling up an automatic weapons cycling, as there is often not enough gas pressure to cause them to feed rounds as per normal. It's one of the reasons that a muzzle attachment is used when the army is using blanks in exercises.

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Hold the phone...even AJ is distancing himself from this "hoaxed head shot" talk:

The level of disbelief to the official story is even too much for conspiracy theory HQ, Infowars.
Ahmed Merabet, one of two police officers brutally murdered while patrolling the street outside the offices of Charlie Hebdo on Jan. 7, was buried Tuesday in Bobigny. That is, if you are to believe the totality of evidence, including his family’s heartbroken statements, the official government response to his death, and actual video of his murder. However, some conspiracy theorists, believe it or not, are finding all that rather unconvincing.

In fact, it’s the video documentation of the event that leads them to deny its legitimacy—something too nuts for even radio host and Infowars founder Alex Jones, himself the sort of person who speaks about the Illuminati with a straight face.

“It’s become a whole faux, fake controversy. It becomes one of these conspiracy theories,” Jones told me by phone Tuesday evening. “They love whodunnit ‘Clue’ games, so everyone can now debate it. It’s not an issue—and the police officer is dead.”


All of this is a bit too much for Jones. “I have shot wild hogs with AK-47s in Texas,” he told me. “Sometimes you shoot one in the head and the bullet goes right through and there’s no blood. Sometimes you shoot one in the head and it blows up like a pumpkin.”

The video of the officer, Jones said, raised eyebrows because, “you don’t see his head exploding like a pumpkin.” But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t really shot, Jones added.

“Most of the time, somebody gets shot in the head with a high-caliber rifle and there is a lot of blood. But sometimes there’s not.”
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Interesting, then, that he allows articles like this on Infowars, which openly state that the shootout at the supermarket between Amedy Coulibaly and police was a setup, and that Coulibaly had his hands tied.

Integrity much??

Keith Beachy

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It's really unclear what you are trying to say here. Can you spell it out in simple un-ironic words?

From the post...
In second video, there is no blood, because it is obvious that this is staged execution
Warning: These videos show people being killed, executed by being shot at close range. Please do not embed similar videos, just link them as below, and with a warning.

Example 2: SYRIA Execution Video: Three Drivers Executed By Jihadist Rebels Near Iraq-Syria Border. (at 3:03). Three men are executed with an AK-47 type rifle. It's unclear if any are shot in the head, but again there's no explosion of blood, but there is a puff of dust, and the shooter is quite casual about it, not at all hindered by recoil.
There was blood, and it increased as the video played on.

3:15 blood from victim on the left, increased blood at 3:28; and more at 3:38, as a small stream moves from the pool; more at 3:52; someone failed to watch. A big deal was made about eyes and mind in the same post; someone needs to adjust their monitor for red, or enlarge the video to see the blood on the ground grow (aka, watch for content, comprehension).

As for staged; can real murder be staged, there is a video, it was shared , thus it was "presenting a performance of" murder - the murders meet the definition of staged. Staged and fake are two different things. If it was fake, they sure did a lot of work, with bullets passing through the victims into the sand, and blood exactly as it would be. Looks like these murders were staged using real bullets, and real blood, and humans murdered on video. Staged does not mean fake to me.

Mick West

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Thanks. Yes, bit of a terminology issue there. Beheadings can be staged, yet still involve killing people by chopping of their heads.

People need to be precise when discussing such things.


I questioned the AN94 claim immediately.
In the interest of disclosure and clarity. Yes you did. I want to reiterate my earlier comment when I confessed to 'jumping the gun' so to speak. I shouldn't have run with something that was really supposition in the first place.
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Mick West

Staff member article about the conspiracy theories. With some quotes from me:

In the US, Mick West runs the website, pulling in 10,000 unique visitors a day, 10 percent of which are from the UK. He reckons the Charlie Hebdo rumours were predictable.

"It's nonsense," he says. "But sadly it seems like the expected response now. People pick up normal inconsistencies in the initial reporting of a chaotic situation and claim these things are significant. They always make claims about blood and injuries, but seem to be basing their expectations on the depictions of violence in movies and video games.

"It's just cherry-picking, with a strong confirmation bias. The people telling you these things have only one goal: to convince you it was fake. They amplify every little thing that seems to help their case, and they ignore everything that does not."
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David Hereaux

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What about the cop being shot three feet away from the pole, with the blood in the after shots being right next to the pole?

What about the head shot itself? If you've ever seen a head shot, you will see lots of blood, like someone turning on the kitchen faucet.

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Mick West

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What about the cop being shot three feet away from the pole, with the blood in the after shots being right next to the pole?
Blood flows, injured people get moved.

What about the head shot itself? If you've ever seen a head shot, you will see lots of blood, like someone turning on the kitchen faucet.
Already addressed multiple times upthread. It's not clear where he was shot, the video resolutioin and angle makes it hard to see anything, and the results of even headshots vary greatly.


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What about the head shot itself? If you've ever seen a head shot, you will see lots of blood, like someone turning on the kitchen faucet.

Already addressed, and I have seen many headshots, treated many casualties with headshots and they do not all look alike, nor do they all automatically bleed profusely.

Furthermore, I don't think Ahmed Merebet's autopsy report has been released, and until it is it is pure speculation to assert where exactly the bullet struck him.
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