Changes to [EX] Tags

Mick West

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I've changed the apperance of the EX tags to:
Senior state department officials who announced the decision said it was still not clear who was responsible for the “targeted attacks” which have caused injuries including various permanent hearing loss, brain injuries, dizziness, tinnitus, problems with balance, visual impairment, headaches, fatigue, cognitive issues and difficulties sleeping.
Content from External Source
This is intended to make things a bit easier to read, moving the "content from external source" to the bottom right, and generally tightening things up, and adding appropriate padding.

Seems fine, but as always any change might break things, so let me know if you see anything odd.


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One of the things about the ex tags, as well as quotes, is that they generate their own line breaks, meaning you have to kind of 'manually manage' the appearance. Though I notice with this recent change the ex tags seem to be doing better (ie, only one line break instead of two).

Another issue arises when putting a bullet list in ex tags: if the content begins or ends with a bullet point, an extra point is generated outside the tags.
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