CBS San Fransico local news story about Marine Cloud Brightening Project.


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This local story caught my eye, and I only found one other mention of "cloud brightening" mentioned in this thread, (Rhoad Island Bill H5480 - Relating to the Health and Safety of Geoengineering,) so I thought maybe it would be a good idea to begin a thread that can be moved if necessary or modified for future use.

To begin with, here is the source article:

And a YouTube link to the video in case the sites player is wonky:

A few things I noticed in the video that I wanted to bring up, this is mentioned in the beginning of the video with, "this is an option of last resort," and "an insurance policy", meaning that this proposed idea is still under development, which is stated in a sort of awkward way.
This could unfortunately leave the door open to those who would highlight the "WIDESPREAD USE" in bold caps with a knowing wink and a nudge. Especially seeing as how the video shows satellite views of the white puffy tracks of clouds that are produced every day by cargo vessels, mention that these clouds can last up to a week, and don't do enough to clarify for the CT listener that these ships are normal cargo ships, and NOT these proposed specially designed barges specifically for this purpose... In the future... As a last resort.

Sloppy reporting can sometimes make keeping things bunk-free going forward a lot harder. Better to get a jump on things before they start going off the rails!
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