Capitol Police activity on Jan 6th


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Acting US Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman briefed the House Appropriations committee on Jan 6th security issues.
The briefing came as US Capitol Police officers debate whether to hold a no-confidence vote targeting department leaders who were working on the day of insurrection, including Pittman. One source told CNN that Pittman was the operational chief the day of the siege at the Capitol and "never took control of the radio or commanded officers what to do in any way, shape or form." Officers have told CNN that they felt abandoned and betrayed by the department's leadership.

According to prepared remarks, Pittman told lawmakers that Capitol Police knew two days before the insurrection that militia and White supremacist groups would be at the Capitol on January 6, and some of those people planned to be armed.

Pittman outlined four things that made the department ill-equipped to respond to the attack: a lack of manpower, not having the right equipment on hand or easily accessible, a lack of consistency in following the process for sealing the building and communication over radios and the public address system being hard to hear during the attack.

"They had the information. They did not act on it." -- House Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro

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This is one that really confuses me. Capitol Police has 2300 members all of whom are carrying weapons. The entire legislative branch is inside the building is debating on whether or not to certify the election. They KNEW that a group of people that they have been calling Nazis for four years was going to be marching on the Capitol. There is one video that I've seen where the insurrectionists are trapped in a courtyard and police with weapons and on horseback have them cornered. In what world does the Cap Police not draw their weapons and say "get down on the ground or we will shoot you." ?

In the video linked above, the protesters are on the outside and trapped and suddenly the door is then opened. When the protesters start streaming inside, one sees Capitol Police on the inside who appear to be letting the protesters in. I'm fairly certain they are not allowed to be in there so the logical conclusion would be that they were allowed to enter. Again, 1/3 of the federal government is inside.

I don't see how there's not complicity somewhere and I hope these traitors are discovered.
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i think humans in general do not expect "far-fetched" things to actually happen to them. That's why so many people call bunker people crazy. and don't have deductible money saved for insurance. or life savings in case SS runs out. etc
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