Can't find if De Niro "apartheid" quote is legit or not

Critical Thinker

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I recently have seen a quote making the rounds on the internet that is being attributed to Robert De Niro when he was being interviewed by Fox. However despite all the reposting by people who agree with that view, I have been unable to verify if the quote is genuine or not. Can anyone track this down?

"Ok let me explain, if you were bitten by a mad infected dog, who will you blame? the dog or its owner? Definitely the owner, so, all the blame is on the US Government’s shoulders"
I agree Mick in that it is unimportant, it was more a matter of curiosity if he had said it. I just had been unable to find any evidence of him having said that quote and figured that others (such as yourself) might have success in determining whether it was legit. Thanks for checking.