Can Belief in Chemtrails and/or other Conspiracy Theories Lead to Violence?

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For most of those who have followed this forum, you are probably familiar with the thread,
Advocating violence against "Chemtrail" planes, pilots, scientists, and debunkers, I've posted my share of the threats I've found from the social media sites I follow. I've only reported a couple that I felt were credible threats to the authorities, most I've felt were just people blowing smoke. I've been more concerned with an unhinged person already on the edge, that might be sent over the edge and tries to act out on their beliefs in conspiracy theories.

I was saddened this morning to find this article of a Mother who is accused of strangling her 9 year old son to death on Halloween night, possibly in part because she had spent the day watching youtube videos and was afraid she was being followed.

Detectives said there were writings on the wall including the words: "Harvest," "Spaywar," "Greed kills," "sex trade," "God is coming," "No pedo," and "Michael=Devil." James told detectives she had been watching conspiracy videos on YouTube related to politics and chemtrails, and thought she was being followed.

Investigators decided to take her to a nearby hospital for a mental evaluation and treatment of injuries to her neck.

"While at the hospital and unsolicited by Deputy Trout, Amber told Deputy Trout that she needed to save her son from people that were after us, needed to protect him. She had described (the boy) as the best kid in the world. She stated she had prayed, thought about it, cried and then put her hands around his throat so he couldn't breathe any longer. Amber then asked Deputy Trout, how do I explain to someone why I just ... killed my kid? What is a good explanation of that? I killed my ... kid. Deputy Trout state Amber did not cry or have any tears."
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A follow up story after her first court appearance.

Amber Lynn James told investigators she believed she was being followed and had been watching “conspiracy type” videos on related to politics and “chemtrails.”

These videos “seemed to have created some anxiety for her,” a Sheriff’s Office detective wrote in charging documents. James also said she had used marijuana the night before and “periodically” takes prescription medication for anxiety.
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Would Ryan Rosales have been killed anyway, without the conspiracy theories? Are those that push conspiracy theories partially to blame for his death? Was it the drugs she took? Or, purely an underlying mental illness that would have resulted in this child's death. Too little is known at this point, but I feel it is worth following this case to see what is learned.
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Yes, when already ill at ease minds are reached by click bait fear mongering paranoia sites and the FB web algorithm connects the dots to echo chamber the users feeds adding some meth speed with - or other pharmaceutic mind drugs & sadly yes..

I shoot for a past time ( targets only no critters ) so contribute to a few web gun forums and the nutters within the ranks frighten myself as i know full well they own hi cap mil spec fire arms yet are so far down the rabbit holes of take my gun false flag deep government conspiracy's each ones a Paddock in the making.


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I can remember when the whole HIV/AIDS = gay plague bullshit was going around in the 1980's, the number of assaults of a homophobic nature shot up, and now in Germany and other parts of Europe we have a rather vicious Immigrants spread AIDS belief going around the hard and alt right spheres, leading tpo the number of attacks on refugees and immigrants increasing. Very sad.

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PORT ORCHARD -- On Monday a woman charged last year with first-degree murder for killing her 9-year-old son was found not guilty by reason of insanity and will be sent to a state mental hospital.

Amber Lynn James, 48, had shown signs of mental distress in the lead-up to the death of her son, Ryan Rosales, a student at Green Mountain Elementary School, including believing that people had been following her. Reports say James had been watching conspiracy-type videos on YouTube and had grown increasingly agitated, according to court documents.
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Amber Lynn James told investigators she believed she was being followed and had been watching “conspiracy type” videos on related to politics and “chemtrails.”

These videos “seemed to have created some anxiety for her,” a Sheriff’s Office detective wrote in charging documents. James also said she had used marijuana the night before and “periodically” takes prescription medication for anxiety.
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