Bugs and Suggestions for Metabunk.org

Is it fixed for you now? Or still broken?
I see a post from yesterday, then the deleted one from 2013, then your test post as the last three posts in the thread.

I did look at it yesterday though so something might be cached for me.

Using a browser that has never been logged in here it looks fine (i.e. the deleted post isn't shown out of order).
the new post was listed before the older one. I added a post, then the new post was listed ofter the deleted post (and before!), but after reloading the thread, it seems fine now.
probably a legacy bug.
It seems your newer post, now I've read it, has at least fixed the bolding of the thread aspect. The out-of-order ordering remains a mystery, but a presently harmless one.
Maybe something to do with it being a very old thread, from the previous version of the board. Or maybe just a large gap between posts. I permanently deleted the old deleted posts (And Mendel's "unbork" post) which seems to have shaken it back together.