Body Armor Order Indicates Major Military Deployments


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The Daily Sheeple published this story not too long ago:

The author is drawing a correlation between the purchase of this item and troop deployments overseas. He makes that clear later in the article:

First, these troop deployments were hardly covert. Recent Army and Marine deployments to Iraq were announced in advance.

Second, some of these body armor purchases may have gone to deploying units, however, a more likely explanation is that they are entering the inventory to upgrade and replace existing body armor.

The U.S. military has purchased significant quantities of body armor in the last 10-15 years. Here is a sample from the attached 2008 Defense Department report (page 6)

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I also found a good piece on the shelf life of the Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV)

There have been some concerns about quality control.

So, it looks like that for a variety of reasons, recent purchases of military body armor can be attributed to upgrades and replacing outdated or faulty components. They do not appear to be a tangible indicator of future military deployments.


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Body Amour, like any safety equipment only has a certain service life before requiring replacement. The Osprey body armour used by British Forces went through a whole x-ray phase of the plates as defects were being reported. Additionally soldiers were using the same armour on multiple tours without inspection.

Now, all the plates are collected after a combat tour and then used for training, with new plates being issued on deployment. The plates themselves are recycled.

The British Army now has a whole new suite of combat body armour and helmets, which again have 'best before' dates on them.

Regarding the claim, Im not sure a large purchase of ballistic plates by itself denotes imminent doom. It is were NBC suits and respirators, that might make my eyebrowns twitch a bit...
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