Black Narrow Aircraft-Like Object (With Stubby Wings?)


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Amateurish rough-and-ready attempt on my part to correct for elongation through long exposure. Obviously not a perfect technique! But I think it looks a lot less mysterious. I really want to smush it down vertically a bit, but I think that risks me playing with the image until it looks like the answer I want, so I ain't doing that.



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Anyone got Photoshop? Filter > Sharpen > Shake Reduction

I tried it it doesn't correct for that type/level of motion blur. I did the same transform to compress along the angle of streaking as above as that seems the most likely source of distortion, it's most likely a passenger jet.

Mick West

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Here I just took the back portion of each streak, and added some wings (which would have blurred out, as they are darker and narrow in the direction of travel).


If you scale the original image and thereby compress the pixels, faint wings appear, kind of similar like the added wings in Mick's image.


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Ashley Pomeroy

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For comparison a search for "airliner blurred long exposure" returns e.g. this, which is very similar:

The engine arrangement at first reminded me of the English Electric Canberra, which was unusual in having the engines embedded in the wings, but of course they're just stretched out because of the long exposure. The tail is odd, though, as if it had engines mounted on the tips of the elevators, which is an odd configuration.
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