Black cylindrical object floating in the sky


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A poster filmed what appears to be a black cylindrical object floating along the sky. The video is 17 seconds long and depicts the object moving from bright to left as the camera follows.


A few people said that it resembles a floating human but to me it kind of just looks like a cylinder.

A few people speculated that it's a drone with a Halloween decoration.

I think this is correct. Looks like a drone with a Halloween ghost attached. You can buy these on the internet. Someone was probably testing it out.
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The commenter left a video of people doing just that.

What I find odd is that if it is a drone, wouldn't it be visible in the video? Also, in the ghost drone video, the decoration slants horizontally because of the decoration going against the wind. In the cylindrical video the object seems to be perfectly vertical.
I don't see anything there that makes me think anything other than one (or a small bunch) of party balloons got away and are drifting along, descending slowly as the helium has leaked out a bit. Are you seeing any features that make you think that is not what it is?

As for looking humanoid, I'm not seeing that either, but I could be wrong -- but then, "character balloons" are a thing.


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This is a six year old YouTube video showing somewhat advanced hobbyist drone tech, and tech has certainly advanced a bit since then. There's basically nothing that you could imagine that can't be made to fly with enough time, energy, and money.

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or maybe just a "garbage" bag. I had a garbage bag stuck to a high tree limb for like a month, super annoying.
or a "cover" for something at the harbor, you know like how they have grill covers for your outdoor grills.

Video data:
uploaded August 18,2020

Before I started recording it rose from the ground. But there wasn’t any wind

San Pedro californiana

I'd like to know what that thing in the background is?? Look like a giant laser Turret??


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Lolol it’s one of the cranes used for loading ships at the port

What is that huge strange looking building in the background? Looks absolutely massive.


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I believe it’s a storage warehouse for the harbor