Before it news is at it again about ISON, and all I have to say, "meh"


Well well, I can't believe I found this while visiting a regular old forum, but here it is, a new wild theory about comet ISON... Again! I'm getting sick of this, when do you guys think it'll end?

Russia Warns: Atlantic Ocean Asteroid Impact Soon

In this newly released video from YouTube videographer Tom Lupshu he shares of a warning from Russian experts who are now warning their families in the United States of an imminent asteroid impact in the Atlantic Ocean. Does the argument in this video have validity to it or is this just unfounded fear mongering? With comet ISON’s ‘remains’ approaching Earth in the next few days and weeks, we CANNOT rule out this possibility!!! Watch the video and judge for yourself. The second video below shows an Atlantic Ocean tsunami simulation in 3D after a fireball strike.



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Well well, I can't believe I found this while visiting a regular old forum, but here it is, a new wild theory about comet ISON... Again!

Whether the youtuber in question is just trolling people for kicks or fishing for channel views, the claim he's posted doesn't make any sense at all. If we were fortunate enough to see any meteor activity from ISON's remnants as Earth passes through its leftovers (which is doubtful), the debris field is just a trail of tiny dust particles which certainly pose no danger -- not even to satellites.

All I see in the video is a baseless set of conspiracy assertions. Why do people seem to think that the military has a monopoly on astronomical observations? Perhaps that sounds plausible if you know very little about astronomy.

I'm getting sick of this, when do you guys think it'll end?

It won't. There's a long history of this sort of behavior. Even if it finally sinks in that ISON was never a threat, the people who're into this sort of needless worrying will forget all about it and move on to other comets or asteroids.


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Everyone loves a good scare Nano... thats why you'll never see it go away. These types of hoaxes go on and on because its an adrenaline rush of one sort or another. You can flip on any Astronomy Documentary with <insert famous astrophysicist/astronomer/theoretical physicist> and there's always talk about how deadly and dangerous the Universe is as a whole. Anyone with a grasp on Science and Astronomy knows that the stuff thats being discussed has a billion (or higher) to one chance of actually impacting the Earth in some shape, form, or fashion.

To the common layman though, it can seem a lot worse than it actually is. Apophis is a good example, and people (as Cosmic mentioned) use that fear because they A) want to push forward an agenda, B) want tomake money, C) have little to no understanding of the material they're talking about, or D) all of the above.

Thats not to say that its 100% true across the board, but from my own experiences this tends to be the case. its one of the reasons why I was drawn to this board in the first place.. an area that has people of like mind, even if the opinions vary from person to person.

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