Beautiful Photographs that show the Earth's Curvature


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I wish somebody with the right equipment would do one like the basketball image above, but of a bowling ball -- to avoid getting into side arguments about whether the bumpiness is concealing a curve that would be visible otherwise. And yes, I understand that the Earth is a bit bumpy in places, but the fewer side-arguments, the better!


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(photo by @Amber Robot, originally posted here: "I took this picture with a 300mm zoom lens last week of the Pacific Ocean just after sunset. I can see a sharp edge and even see the *tops* of clouds poking up over the horizon." )
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In the spirit of the opening image of this thread...


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As far as I know, there is no high hotel on the northern end. I assume you mean the southern end (New Orleans side). Probably the Marriott and looking north?
I'm sorry, you're correct.
The video says it's from Three Lakeway Center which is also known as New Orleans Marriott Metairie at Lakeway (3838 North Causeway Boulevard, Metairie). The building has 34 floors and is 122m high.
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